Benefits of EcoTank

Low running costs

Print more for less

Whether you count by the page or over the life of the printer, EcoTank running costs are low.

Outstanding cost efficiency

A key benefit of the EcoTank monochrome series is outstanding cost efficiency, and the low Cost Per Page (CPP) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) it offers.

Epson EcoTank Mono Low Running Costs

What are running costs?

Running costs include the cost of consumables such as ink, toner and parts that require regular replacement over the course of a printer's service life.

The most accurate way to calculate running costs

Epson EcoTank Mono Cost Per Page Equation

Compact and stylish design

Small is beautiful

Epson's stylish and space-saving design philosophy applies to both printers and consumables.

Epson EcoTank Mono Printer

Stylish, compact design

The EcoTank monochrome series features a compact and stylish new design that incorporates the ink tank into the printer body.

Attractively finished on all four sides, the printers have a small footprint. They can even be placed on shelves because virtually all controls and consumables can be accessed from the front of the printer.

Epson EcoTank Mono Printer on the shelf

Consumables are compact too

Another benefit of the EcoTank monochrome series is the compact size of consumables in comparison to laser printer consumables. Because toner contains a large volume of air, toner cartridges require more storage space than bottled ink.

Epson EcoTank Mono Ink Bottle size

High print quality

Look your best

Epson pigment ink and advanced image processing ensure you make a good impression.

High water resistance

EcoTank monochrome series pigment ink is not soluble in water, and will not smudge or bleed when splashed with water.

Dye ink vs Pigment ink

High-quality barcode printing

When Barcode mode is activated, the EcoTank monochrome series can automatically detect barcodes during image processing and control the size of ink droplets to ensure clear printed output that barcode readers can recognise quickly and scan accurately.

High resistance to light and ozone

EcoTank monochrome series pigment ink is lightfast and resists fading when exposed to ozone, making it ideal for both standard office documents and documents intended for archival storage.

Epson EcoTank Mono Edge Enhancement

Variable-sized droplet technology

Epson Variable-Sized Droplet TechnologyThe clarity of pigment ink printing is further enhanced by Epson's exclusive Variable-Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT), which precisely controls the volume of ink contained in each ejected droplet, and by advanced meniscus control, which ensures that droplets are perfectly spherical and land with high positional accuracy. The result is sharp, clear text and rich, virtually grain-free images.

EcoTank Zebra

Durabilty and reliability

You can count on EcoTank

The EcoTank monochrome series minimises environmental impact by conserving energy and resources.

Durable printhead life

Micro Piezo printheads are not subjected to any heat, the part of the head that is subjected to pressure is constructed from a highly durable ceramic material.

Epson quality

Attention to quality extends to all Epson brand products and consumables. All inks are manufactured in strictly supervised cleanrooms to prevent contamination by any impurity.

Minimal nozzle clogging

More consistent print quality has been achieved by addressing a major cause of nozzle clogging: ink drying.

Reduce ink drying

Ink drying inside the head has been reduced by using improved materials inside the head and ink system, and by adopting a head cap anti-evaporation mechanism.

This guards against head clogging when the printer isn't used for a long time.

Environmentally friendly

Conserve energy

The EcoTank monochrome series minimises environmental impact by conserving energy and resources.

Conserve Energy with EcoTank Mono
Epson EcoTank Mono Printer

Low power consumption

Thanks to the simplicity and energy efficiency of their Micro Piezo printheads, EcoTank monochrome series printers consume very little power.

High productivity

Print more with less hassle

The EcoTank monchrome series keeps you productive with features for greater convenience and reduced user intervention.

Outstanding durability

The EcoTank monochrome series can be more productive because its high-capacity ink tank system reduces the need for frequent consumables replacement. Generally, most laser printer toner cartridges in the same class can print 1,000~2,000 pages, but EcoTank monochrome series ink bottles contain enough ink to print up to 6,000 pages*.

*Quoted yields are simulated figures calculated by Epson based on ISO/IEC19752 test patterns. Epson EcoTank Mono on a desk

High productivity
Stay ahead of the pack

For frequent small print jobs, the EcoTank monochrome series speed and efficiency gives you a distinct performance advantage.

Epson EcoTank Mono Printer

Difference between printing processes

Epson EcoTank vs Laser Printers chart

Easy ink refilling

Epson EcoTank Mono easy-refill ink tank system

The EcoTank monochrome series features an easy-refill ink tank system with a keyed bottle spout and tank inlet design that reduces the chance of accidental spillage. Refilling is simple and there's no need to squeeze the bottle. Just insert the spout into the inlet â?" the ink flow will stop automatically when the tank is full.

Epson EcoTank monochrome series versatile media handling

Fast first-page printing

Unlike laser printers which must preheat their fusing roller and process an entire page, the EcoTank monochrome series do not require any preheating.

This gives EcoTank a significant advantage in two key ISO-defined metrics of printing speed: First Print Out Time (FPOT) and First Set Out Time (FSOT).

Fast printing

First Print Out Time is not the only measure in which the EcoTank monochrome series excels. Thanks to its overall speed and efficiency, it can consistently deliver the performance that busy offices need.

Epson EcoTank Mono first print out speed comparison

Wireless and remote printing1

Print from anywhere, anytime

EcoTank monochrome series printers support wireless printing and can be shared over the internet and local networks.

Wi-Fi® printing

EcoTank supports Wi-Fi printing, enabling users to print wirelessly from any device connected to the network. Because it eliminates the need for USB cabling, Wi-Fi is often used as the primary means of printer connectivity in homes and offices equipped with a wireless network.

Wi-Fi Direct® printing

Epson Wi-Fi Direct printing EcoTank also supports Wi-Fi Direct printing, which enables devices such as laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones to connect directly to the printer without joining a Wi-Fi network â?" no router (wireless access point) or internet connection is required.1

Epson connect

Epson Connect Logo The EcoTank monochrome series supports Epson Connect, a service that offers a range of convenient solutions for wireless and remote printing.

Google cloud print

Epson Google Cloud Print Support for Google Cloud Print enables users to print from any web-connected computer or mobile device, including Androidâ"˘ smartphones, tablets, Chromebookâ"˘ notebook computers, and other devices that support Google Appsâ"˘ and services.

Epson Connect email print

Email print

Epson Connect assigns a unique e-mail address to each printer, so users can send e-mails with attached files directly to the printer, and the printer will automatically print the e-mail and attached documents. There is no need to install a printer driver, and no need for any human interaction on the receiving end â?" it's as convenient as sending a fax, but costs less.

Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint is an easy-to-use mobile application that lets users print and scan photos and documents with a smartphone or tablet. It supports PDF and Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® document printing, as well as cloud services.

Epson Remote Print Driver

Epson remote print driver

The Epson Remote Print Driver lets users print on any printer registered with Epson Connect, anywhere in the world. Users can control print settings, switch printers, and print as though the printer is on their local network.

  1. Wireless and remote printing do not apply to the ET-M1100.
  2. Measurement method: ISO/IEC17629 Office Category Test. Paper size: A4. A set of Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, and PDF files (each set containing 4 pages) is continuously printed. Measurement is based on the average time for the first of four single-sided prints to exit the printer. Measurement starts when the print button is pressed and ends when the first page of the set exits.
  3. Measurement method: ISO/IEC24734 Office Category Test. Paper size: A4/Letter A set of Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, and PDF files (each set containing 4 pages) is continuously printed. Measurement is based on the time required to print the smallest number of sets (excluding the first set) after at least 30 seconds have passed since the first set was printed.