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Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 sets the benchmark with world’s first water-based white ink for package proofing applications.

September 2009

Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 sets the benchmark with world’s first water-based white ink for package proofing applications.

Epson, the market leader in high quality contract proofing, is redefining package proofing for graphics arts professionals, brand owners, flexographic and gravure printing companies.

The Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 is an affordable, low maintenance proofer that produces high quality, colour accurate package proofs on both clear and opaque substrates.

Unlike other conventional package proofing systems on the market today, the Pro WT7900 is capable of rapidly producing an A2 package proof in less than 16 minutes using a uni-directional, 720x1440dpi print mode. This dramatic decrease in production time to around half the time of competitor models makes the Pro WT7900 a perfect solution for high volume printing environments.

"The Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 reflects Epson's ongoing commitment to the graphic arts community while showcasing Epson's strong engineering capabilities in another innovative and world-first product,” said Craig Heckenberg, Business Unit Manager, Business Solutions Division, Epson Australia.

"The great thing about the Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 is that it meets the needs of graphic arts professionals who want colour accurate package proofs on both clear and opaque substrates without the high expense of other conventional package proofing systems."

Equipped with the ground-breaking Epson UltraChrome® HDR with White Ink, the printer has nine colours including Orange and Green (C, M, Y, Pk, Lc, Lm, Or, G, W). With this water-based pigment ink formulation the Pro WT7900 is capable of producing high quality package proofs for environmentally conscious users in both office and factory locations.

The Epson MicroPiezo™ TFP print head with advanced coating technology is specially designed for use with high viscous white ink and produces excellent dot shape, size and accurate placement for unsurpassed image quality. It uses two print modes (reverse print and surface print) for wide substrate compatibility and dramatically reduces the production process to just one step by printing direct-to-film without the need to laminate.

Using the print head’s nine colour channels the Pro WT7900 can accurately simulate various colour tints commonly found in different types of white ink, resulting in highly accurate colour proofs. Variable sized droplet technology delivers ultra-small ink droplets to reproduce smooth colour and white gradations not previously seen from a package proofer.

Epson ClearProof™ Film with crystal clear coating technology is designed exclusively for use with Epson UltraChrome HDR with White Ink and is capable of high ink absorption for a wide colour gamut while delivering faster drying times for greater productivity. It is available in both 17 inch x 30m and 24 inch x 30m rolls.

For packaging design mock-ups, posters and proofs, Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper, Epson Proofing Paper White Semi-Matte and Epson Standard Proofing Paper 240 are also available for use with the Pro WT7900. These rolls are available in 17 inch x 30m and 24 inch x 30m.

The Film Stacker on the Pro WT7900 carefully collects and stacks proofs to prevent damage to the printed surface.

For seamless integration into existing packaging workflows and a wider choice of proofing solutions the Pro WT7900 is supported by leading software companies and backed by Epson authorised dealers and national service network.

The Epson Stylus® Pro WT7900 will be available from selected authorised Epson professional graphics dealers from February 2010 for $15,394 including GST.

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