Epson Cleaning & Maintenance

Large Format Printer Options

Epson Large Format Printers are designed for business, commercial and industrial applications. They are manufactured using high precision components and while most incorporate self-cleaning routines, periodic maintenance is essential to ensure consistent, reliable and durable operation. Failure to follow maintenance, shut-down, and re-start procedures as outlined in the printer user manual may lead to problems and/or invalidate warranty.

** Available from Epson Pro Graphics Dealers

Product Name Product
Price (inc GST)
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10L Ink Recycling Bottle 10CUBE-N **  
Cleaning Sheet C13S400045 $12.95
Cleaning Wipes (Pack of 100) C13S090016 $29.95 Out of stock
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DS Cap Cleaning Kit C13S210053 $99.95
DS Maintenance Kit (F6x) C13S210042 $39.95
DS Maintenance Kit V2 (F7x/9x) C13S210038 $89.95
DTG Head Cleaning Kit C13S092001 $119.00
DTG Maintenance Kit C13T736200 $49.95
DTG Manual Tube Cleaning Kit C13T736300 $34.95
DTG Replacement Air Filter C13S092021 $29.95
GS6000 Cleaning Cartridge C13T623000 $108.90
GS6000 Maintenance Kit C12C890611 $132.00
Head Cleaning Set C13S210051 **  
Manual Head Wiper C13S090012 $12.95
Manual Head Wiper Kit C13S090015 $39.95
Printer Maintenance Kit C13S210063 **  
Replacement Maintenance Tank T3160/5160 C13S210057 **  
Replacement SP4900/SCP5070 Borderless Maintenance Tank C13T619100 $14.95
Replacement SP7700/9700 Maintenance Tank C12C890501 $19.95
Replacement Stylus Pro & SureLab Maintenance Tank C13T582000 $22.00
Replacement Stylus Pro Maintenance Tank C12C890191 $44.00
Replacement Stylus Pro/SureColor Maintenance Tank C13T619000 $19.95
Replacement SureColor Maintenance Tank C13T699700 $59.95
Replacement SureColor-S/F Flushing Pads C13S090014 $29.95
Replacement SureColor-S/F Waste Ink Bottle C13T724000 $39.95 Out of stock
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Replacement SureColor-T/F60x/P10x/20x Maintenance Tank C13T619300 $79.95
SureColor-S Maintenance Kit C13T724100 $49.95
SureColor-S Maintenance Parts Kit C13S210044 $129.95
SureColor-S/F/P Cleaning Sticks C13S090013 $34.95 Out of stock
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Surelab Cleaning Sheet Pack (2pcs) C13S042497 $59.95
Surelab Printer Maintenance Kit C12C890991 $59.95
SurePress Cleaning Stick Type A C13S090009 **  
SurePress Cleaning Stick Type B C13S090011 **  
UltraChrome GS2/GSX Cleaning Cartridge C13T699092 $79.00
UltraChrome GS3 Cleaning Cartridge C13T833092 $77.00
WT7900 Cleaning Cartridge C13T642000 $88.00
Replacement Stylus Pro/SureColor Maintenance Tank C13T619000 $19.95

** Available from Epson Pro Graphics Dealers