Development Tools

Epson offer the application developer many choices for printer and peripheral control. As a leader in POS Technology, Epson are involved in the development and support of new POS peripheral management technology, as well as the provision of tools to support existing technologies.


These commands allow for extensive control of PoS peripheral function. From simple control, such as operation of the Autocutter, to much more complex control, including remote monitoring of maintenance counters and printer reporting using the Automatic Status Back feature, Epson ESC POS can provide the answer.

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Windows Drivers

Epson Windows's drivers provide both developers and end users with a simple, flexible tool for PoS peripheral control. For developers, Epson have provided a variety of Fonts, including a 'control' Font, which enables control of the peripheral by the transmission of one character. For end users, the use of Epson Windows's drivers allows them to install and configure their systems using standard Windows installation procedures. No more fiddling entering printer control codes!

Epson Windows's drivers provide support for all current printer products in Windows 2000/XP, and Win NT 4.0. Supported Ports include Serial / Parallel / USB / 10-Base T / 100-Base TX. Epson have also recently added support for their DM-D Series of Customer Displays.

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The use of Epson's OPOS Application Development Kit (ADK) is an excellent choice for Windows developers. By using the OPOS drivers, both developers and end users can gain a number of important advantages over the use of Windows drivers or ESC POS control commands.

For developers, major decreases can be achieved in application development time and costs, as well as the important feature of being able to develop your application independent of hardware. You can easily include useful Windows features such as Multitasking and Multimedia. These benefits also apply to end users, but appear as decreased development costs and lead times, and the clear knowledge that there is a defined upgrade path without the need for major application source code changes.

Epson OPOS drivers provide support for all current products in Win2000/XP and Win NT 4.0. Epson have also recently added USB & Ethernet support for selected peripherals.

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Newly released from Epson are its JavaPoS compliant drivers. These drivers, which follow a standard set of controls, methods and properties that mirror the OPOS Specification, have the added advantage of allowing developers to produce Java based solutions for the Windows platform. All the advantages of the Epson OPOS Drivers remain, hardware independence of applications, much more simple, cheaper to build applications, and the advantage of being able to easily take advantage of Windows Multimedia.

The end result is another flexible alternative for developers.

Epson JavaPoS drivers provide support for current printer and display products in Win2000/XP and Linux.

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