Epson M-T500 Series

Epson M-T500 Series

Embedded Units

The M-T500 thermal series Provide high-performance & high-reliability

The M-T500 thermal series provide high-performance & high-reliability.

High Speed Printing & Control

With a maximum output of 150mm/s, a variety of printing modes & excellent graphics capability, including barcode-printing support, the M-T500 can meet the demands of a variety of applications.

Combine this with the support of an Advanced Windows Driver (in conjunction with BA-T500 controller board), for Win95/ 98/ NT4.0 & status monitor capabilities; you have an effective printing solution. This also means less development time for printer integration.

Optional Configuration

There are 16 models within the range, with varying options. Choose from full or partial cut guillotines, between 57.5mm (w) & 82.5mm (w) paper width, curl or straight paper feeding paths, making it ideal for ticketing and receipting applications.