Recycling Activities

Change starts in your own back yard

Epson has introduced a program at its branches at Macquarie Park and Yennora whereby all paper waste, cardboard waste, bottles, cans and plastic shrink-wrap are recycled.

Customers can return their packaging from new printers to Epson which we will ensure does not end up in landfill, but is recycled.

Australian Packaging Covenant

Epson Australia became a signatory to the original National Packaging Covenant in 2004, and saw this as a natural extension of its environmental endeavours.

With the revised Australian Packaging Covenant Company introduced in July 2017, Epson Australia has put together an action plan that goes a long way towards assisting the Covenant achieve its goals and objectives.

Although we are a brand owner and all our products are fully imported and the packaging is based on global requirements, our parent company is already working towards following the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, with more and more of our packaging being made from recycled and/or recyclable materials.

The Australian Packaging Covenant is designed to minimise the environmental impacts arising from the disposal of used packaging, conserve resources through better design and production processes and facilitate the re-use and recycling of used packaging materials. By adopting the principles of the packaging Covenant, Epson is ensuring there is less waste-to-landfill from its operations, leading to a cleaner environment.

Our action plan (and its implementation) is based around what we believe we can achieve in the area of packaging, and this is incorporated into our environmental goals.

As we know that the attainment of these objectives and goals is a shared responsibility, we are engaging with stakeholders to assist in achieving this action plan.

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Epson's latest yearly report against its Action Plan (PDF) >

Reused and Recycled waste as at March 2019
over 4 years is over 750 tonnes.

Recycling of Hardware

Epson Australia was a founding member of the Tech Collect Program; a national computer, printer and TV take-back program that is a totally free service for the general public and small business to drop-off their unwanted televisions and computer products for recycling.

EPSA was established in 2012 to collect and recycle electronic waste on behalf of its members under the NCTRS.

Today Epson is a member of EPSA a fully owned subsidiary of SIMS Recycling, and is one of a few government approved co-regulatory arrangements for the implementation of the Federal Governmentâ?Ts Product Stewardship Act 2011 and the new National Computer & Television Recycling Scheme (NCTRS).


A corner stone of the Seiko Epson group is product stewardship and care for the environment. As part of the EPSA program Epson Australia is serious about ensuring unwanted electronic product does not end up in landfill, and is recycled in a way that produces positive environmental outcomes, while ensuring the health and safety of the people involved in the processing of e-waste. The EPSA Program will ensure that the hazardous wastes contained in e-waste will be prevented from entering landfill and the by-products (including gold and other precious metals) of the recycling processes will be recovered for future re-use.

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Projector Lamp Recycling

As part of its environmental leadership, Epson Australia has become the first IT Vendor to offer a lamp recycling facility for old/broken projector lamps.

Consumers can return their old projector lamps - and not just Epson, but any brand - to one of 15 Epson authorised service agents throughout Australia.

The lamps are sent to a recycling site where they are crushed and separated - environmentally sensitive chemicals are removed and other components are melted down for reuse.
Around 95% of the material in an average projector lamp can be recycled.