Epson UltraChrome Pro6 Ink - Pouches

UltraChrome Pro6 Ink - Pouches

Large Format Ink Cartridges

UltraChrome Pro6 Ink Pouches.

UltraChrome Pro6 ink features an aqueous all-pigment construction. The PRO6 formulation includes additional Gray for colour and B&W output with enhanced tonal expression. Images are extremely durable while colour is predictable and consistent. Prints exit almost dry with a finish that is resistant to damage through scratching and moisture exposure. The ink set incorporates both a photo and matte black to support imaging on a wide range of media types.

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1.6L UltraChrome Pro6 Photo Black Pigment Ink Pouch C13T53F100    
1.6L UltraChrome Pro6 Photo Cyan Pigment Ink Pouch C13T53F200    
1.6L UltraChrome Pro6 Photo Gray Pigment Ink Pouch C13T53F700    
1.6L UltraChrome Pro6 Photo Magenta Pigment Ink Pouch C13T53F300    
1.6L UltraChrome Pro6 Photo Matte Black Pigment Ink Pouch C13T53F800    
1.6L UltraChrome Pro6 Photo Yellow Pigment Ink Pouch C13T53F400