Epson Replacement Head Wiper

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Your Epson DTG printer features integrated self-cleaning. The system incorporates a number of consumable components that periodically need to be replaced. It is important that these are replaced as per the schedule and process listed in your user manual and/or advised by the printer. If this is not performed in a timely and correct manner it may cause problems with the printer, the cessation of operation, invalidation of warranty and/or the terms of a Service Pack.

This kit includes a head wiper. A replacement flushing pad and capping system (C13S210144) as well as printer maintenance kit (C13T736200) are sold separately. No special tools are required for use however please follow instructions provided in your printer user guide.

Product Code:C13S210142

Designed for the Following Printers  
SureColor F1060 - DTG & DTF