Epson SureColor T3160 - 24"

SureColor T3160 - 24

Large Format Printers

SureColor Technical:
CAD & POS printing made Fast and Flexible

SureColor T3160 - 24"

Our price: $1,695.00 inc GST

SureColor T3160 - 24" with 3 years on-site cover*

Our price: $1,895.00 inc GST

Epson Large Format Printers are precision products. Unlike most of our competitors, Epson uses an integrated approach to development and production. We formulate and manufacture the ink, design and assemble the hardware, write and maintain the driver and colour management software. This approach enables us to produce products that not only offer superior output quality, but output that is predictable and consistent, from printers that are reliable and provide durable service. To complement our products we also provide a range of media that has been specially constructed to provide optimum results with particular printers and their ink.

It is usually not possible to use Epson consumables in a printer model or a model variant for which they were not designed. In the case of media while this may be physically possible the results are usually less than optimal. Customers are recommended to speak with an Epson Authorised Reseller &/or to contact Epson directly before considering such action. The use of 3rd party supplies (particularly Options and Ink) is strongly discouraged. They can result in unpredictable print quality, print durability and printer reliability. While Epson will always try to assist customers, the unauthorised modification of equipment, use of incorrect &/or non-genuine consumables can invalidate warranty and the terms of extended support packages resulting in unexpected and often high costs.

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Epson UltraChrome XD2 50ml Black Pigment Ink Cartridge C13T40S100 $53.95
Epson UltraChrome XD2 26ml Cyan Pigment Ink Cartridge C13T40S200 $32.95
Epson UltraChrome XD2 26ml Magenta Pigment Ink Cartridge C13T40S300 $32.95
Epson UltraChrome XD2 26ml Yellow Pigment Ink Cartridge C13T40S400 $32.95
Epson UltraChrome XD2 80ml Black Pigment Ink Cartridge C13T40U100 $80.95
Epson UltraChrome XD2 50ml Cyan Pigment Ink Cartridge C13T40U200 $53.95
Epson UltraChrome XD2 50ml Magenta Pigment Ink Cartridge C13T40U300 $53.95
Epson UltraChrome XD2 50ml Yellow Pigment Ink Cartridge C13T40U400 $53.95
A3 Archival Matte Paper - 50 Sheets (189gsm) S041344 $84.95 Out of stock
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A3 Photo Paper Glossy - 20 Sheets (200gsm) S042536 $41.99 Out of stock
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A4 Archival Matte Paper - 50 Sheets (192gsm) S041342 $36.99 Out of stock
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A4 Photo Paper Glossy - 20 Sheets (200gsm) S042538 $15.99
A4 Photo Quality Inkjet Paper - 100 Sheets (102gsm) S041061 $36.99
A4 Premium Glossy Photo Paper - 20 Sheets (255gsm) S041287 $28.98
A4 Premium Semigloss Photo Paper - 20 Sheets (250gsm) S041332 $40.99 Out of stock
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Epson Photo Paper 102gsm A3 Sheet Media (100pcs) S041068 $69.95
Epson Photo Paper 250gsm Premium Semigloss A3 Sheets (20pcs) S041334 $84.95 Out of stock
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Epson Photo Paper 255gsm Premium Gloss A3 Sheet Media (20pcs) S041288 $74.99 Out of stock
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Epson Photo Paper Premium Gloss (170) 16.5" Roll Media S042076 $149.00
Epson Photo Paper Premium Gloss (170) 24" Roll Media S041390 $199.00 Out of stock
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Epson Photo Paper Premium Semigloss (170) 16.5" Roll Media S042075 $149.00
Epson Photo Paper Premium Semigloss (170) 24" Roll Media S041393 $199.00
Epson Versatile Paper Doubleweight Matte 24" Roll Media S041385 $89.00 Out of stock
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Epson Versatile Paper Singleweight Matte 17" Roll Media S041746 $99.00
Epson Versatile Paper Singleweight Matte 24" Roll Media S041853 $129.00
SD-10 Spectrophotometer B41CK17401 $1,395.00 Out of stock
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Optional Roll Paper Belt C12C890121 $29.95
24" Printer Stand C12C933151 $399.00
24" Roll Feed Spindle T3160 C12C933211 $189.00
Replacement Auto Cutter Blade C13S210055 $189.00
Replacement Maintenance Tank C13S210057 $54.95
CoverPlus 2Yr OS S-Pk (T3160) 2YWSCT3160 $269.00
CoverPlus 1Yr OS S-Pk (T3160) 1YWSCT3160 $149.00


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