Epson SureColor S50600 - 64"

SureColor S50600  - 64

Large Format Printers

Extreme Performance:
Durable signage made flexible and fast

The SureColor Solvent 50600 is an extremely fast and flexible printer. It has been designed for medium-high volume production of durable display and design material. It can be used with a wide range of media and is suitable for many applications including the production of advertising and POS displays, vehicle wraps, labels, furniture decals and interior/exterior surface finishes. It can be configured with additional white ink for production of specialist label, window and back-lit signage as well as enhanced imaging on vinyl and paper.

The SC-S50600 uses Epson’s patented Thin Film MicroPiezo™ print heads and pigment based UltraChrome Eco-Solvent ink technology. It features DUAL print heads, a DUAL high capacity ink supply, a high speed drying system, adjustable multi-stage media heating, and a super-rigid chassis with advanced media management. It supports production speeds up to 51.8m2 /hr and with its low noise, low power consumption and low odour, it is suitable for operation in a variety of commercial, business and office environments..

  • Extreme Performance – supports print speeds up to 91m2/hr with general production at up to 51.8m2/hr
  • Extreme Flexibility – supports coated and non-coated media up to 64” (162.6cm)
  • Optional White Configuration – Expands application capabilities while enabling support for coloured and specialist stocks.
  • DUAL Epson Thin Film MicroPiezo™ (TFP) print heads – 1440x1440dpi resolution with automatic nozzle checking and Variable Sized Dot Technology™ (VSDT) for super-fine output with high quality half-tones
  • DUAL High Capacity Ink Cartridges – 2 x 700ml CYMK (5.6L total) plus optional 2 x 600ml White for cost-effective high-volume production
  • Epson UltraChrome™ GS2 and GSX ink – eco-solvent and Nickel free with no fluorine compounds for easy storage and safe usage. Reduced VOC’s ensure low odour for suitability with air-conditioned office environments. The formulation provides an extended colour gamut and an uncoated lightfastness that is rated for up to 3 years in outdoor conditions*
  • Super-Rigid Chassis – robot assembled with laser welding for maximum precision and strength. Enables high speed printing with precise media management, minimal printer movement and noise.
  • High Capacity Media Handling – Supports rolls up to 40kg with a squeeze system for variable core sizing.
  • Intelligent Auto-Feed System – active media management with forward and reverse in-line feed control. Incorporates Auto Tension Control (ATC) to ensure precise print placement and accurate print sizing.
  • Integrated Auto Take-Up System – allows for continuous high volume production
  • Integrated Air Drying System – allows for accelerated production speeds and high density ink work
  • Easy Media Loading – conveniently positioned platen release lever and roll media Lift Assistance (40kg configuration only) enables single operator loading.
  • Superior Workflow Support – integrated e-mail alert system allows for unattended operation with remote job and status notifications.
  • Wide Software Compatibility – works with leading RIP applications (Click Here for details)
  • Uses a 240V Power Supply – easy to install and cost-effective to run with reduced energy consumption

Superior Image Quality & Durability
The SC-S50600 incorporates dual Thin-Film MicroPiezo print heads. Each head features 720 nozzles per colour and provides support for resolutions up to 1440x1440dpi. They are driven with Epson’s Variable Dot Sizing and advanced LUT Technology, which further enhances resolution while ensuring accurate colour reproduction and superior half toning.

The printer features an advanced chassis that is laser welded for superior strength and rigidity. Movement and distortion is minimised, even at the highest operational speeds, to ensure lower mechanical stress, improved print accuracy, and reduced noise. The stand incorporates advanced media feed and take-up systems that intelligently work together to manage throughput and tension. Media stress is minimised, dot placement accuracy is improved, large images maintain accurate size and shape, while banding is minimised.

The printer uses Epson’s latest Eco-Solvent UltraChrome GS2 and GSX ink. These all-pigment inks incorporate no nickel or fluorine compounds for improved user safety and have reduced VOC’s for low odour. GS2 provides for a consistently dense finish with improved durability and light-fastness. With just CYMK it can produce a gamut range that is equal or larger than many competing technologies with 6 to 8 inks. Prints produced with GS2 ink are more resistant to scratching and fading and have a lightfastness rating of 3 years*. The optional 5-colour configuration includes GSX white ink that can be applied in conjunction with the other inks or as a separate layer, either below or above. Epson white ink features a significantly higher opacity than competing technologies.

Superior Production Flexibility & Speed
The SC-S50600 can be used to produce everything from posters, signs, banners, textiles, backlit panels, window displays and POS, to vehicle wraps, interior decorations, labels and exhibition displays. It will print on mesh, vinyl, canvas, clear film, photographic paper and a range of popular substrates in widths up to 64-inch (162.6cm). The 5-colour model can produce superior quality prints on specialist coloured and transparent substrates while also allowing for additional white embossing and improved half-toning on more traditional stock.

The SC-S50600 is designed for high volume continuous production. The 4-colour configuration draws on eight large and cost-effective ink cartridges with a total capacity of 5.6L (1.4L per colour). The 5-colour configuration features a total capacity of 6.8L with addition of two 600ml White cartridges. Both configurations are supplied with a high-capacity, reusable waste tank, a high-volume air blower, and an automatic take-up system.

The printer ships with a stand that supports media rolls of up to 40kg with variable core sizing. It has integrated lift assistance and a conveniently located platen lever that enables easy one-person loading. To ensure maximum productivity and optimum workflow management, the printer can be left to operate unattended, with an automatic e-mail system that will advise of job completion and warn of operational or consumable supply problems.

* Epson does not provide a warranty on print durability and accepts no liability of any kind for fading or any other change in a print no matter how it is displayed.

Epson’s three (3) year print durability statement is an estimate only, based on accelerated testing by Epson in a vertical display orientation in simulated outdoor display conditions in accordance with ISO standard 18930 (Check out for further detail).

The estimated three (3) year print durability does not apply to prints incorporating Epson’s Orange, White and/or Metallic Silver inks and in particular, but without limitation, it will not apply to a print exposed horizontally to outdoor display conditions including sunlight and rain.

Actual print durability will depend on a variety of factors, including selection of media and lamination film, installation and application methods and environmental conditions. Exposure to factors such as high ultra violet radiation, high temperature and humidity and pollution will also affect print durability.

When selecting your media and film, Epson recommends you check with your media and film supplier for actual print durability in relation to its compatibility with Epson printers and inks. Some media providers, such as 3M® and Avery®, offer their own warranty in relation to image durability and you should refer to the relevant provider’s website for further details of that warranty.