Epson Stylus Pro 9000

Stylus Pro 9000

Large Format Printers

Large-format printing with a BIG difference!
Print directly on 1.5mm Poster Board.

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Thanks to its innovative straight paper path, the Epson Stylus Pro 9000 offers something truly unique - the ability to print directly on poster board as thick as 1.5mm. With this kind of media handling flexibility, you can produce display-ready boards as large as 1030 x 728mm (40 x 28") in-house. We''ve even prepared a choice of high-quality Epson Semigloss Poster Board media for you. Available in B1 (1030 x 728mm) and B2 (728 x 515mm) sizes with a thickness of 1.2mm, they offer outstanding photo image quality and colour intensity.

Print on 1118mm-Wide Roll Paper

Big jobs are a piece of cake for the Epson STYLUS PRO 9000 because it accepts roll paper up to 1118mm (B0+) wide, and has a print area 20cm wider than 914mm (A0) printers. With this level of capacity you''ll be able to create the kind of big, high-impact items that used to be impossible to produce in-house. In addition, you can manually feed cut sheet paper in sizes as small as A3.

PerfectPicture Imaging System

Superior image quality is assured by the power of our exclusive PerfectPicture Imaging System. Combining the performance advantages of Micro Piezo printing with 6-colour QuickDry inks, AcuPhoto halftoning and advanced paper production technology, the PerfectPicture Imaging System delivers the finest image quality of any inkjet printing system available today.

1440 dpi Micro Piezo Printing

At the heart of the Epson STYLUS PRO 9000''s outstanding image quality is an advanced Micro Piezo print head. In addition to offering the ultra-fine image detail and low ink consumption of our exclusive 1440 dpi Super Micro Dot printing, its ultra-durable construction spares you the expense of frequent head replacement.

6-Colour QuickDry Inks

To ensure true Photo Reproduction Quality output, the Epson STYLUS PRO 9000 features an expanded 6-colour palette of Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow and Black. What''s more, our exclusive QuickDry ink formula is fast drying, and prevents bleeding to ensure rich, vivid colours with excellent contrast.

AcuPhoto Halftoning

Subtle blends and gradations are rendered with absolute fidelity by our exclusive AcuPhoto halftoning technology. Using proprietary colour look-up tables and halftoning algorithms, AcuPhoto technology delivers superior shadow and highlight detail, and can perform sophisticated error diffusion calculations at speeds that rivals those of dithering.

Photo Quality Papers

A wide range of paper and poster board media have been readied for the Epson STYLUS PRO 9000. All media are designed to offer superior chromatic intensity and fidelity, and assure the high-quality results that professionals demand.

A0-Size Output at 720 dpi in Only 15 Minutes

You''ll quickly notice the speed and productivity gains you make with an Epson STYLUS PRO 9000. High-speed data processing is provided by an on-board RISC CPU, while ultra-quick bi-directional printing takes care of the output. As a result, even 1189 x 841mm (A0-size) images can be printed in 6-colours, at 720 dpi, in as little as 15 minutes (on Presentation Matt Paper).

Dual-Roll Paper Feed Convenience

The Epson STYLUS PRO 9000 doesn''t just accept a wide range of media, it also makes that media exceptionally easy to handle. A dual-roll paper feed system allows you to keep two types of paper loaded at all times, while front loading makes roll replacement a snap. There''s also an automatic paper cutter and a built-in cloth basket to keep output clean and wrinkle-free. An optional Auto Take-Up Reel Unit is available for extra-long printouts, banners, and unattended operation.

Front-Mounted Controls and Easy Ink Cartridge Replacement

The Epson STYLUS PRO 9000 has all its controls conveniently located on the front of the printer for easy access. In addition, the high-capacity 220ml ink cartridges - one for each colour - are front loading, and can be replaced quickly and easily.

Easy-to-Use Printer Driver

Ease of use is assured by our full-featured, yet user-friendly driver and on-screen Status Monitor. You can check ink and paper availability, and adjust settings for paper size, print mode, fit to page, auto rotate, long length printing, auto paper cutter, print page line and more - all without ever leaving your desk! In addition, our advanced Epson PhotoEnhance 3 feature can automatically adjust brightness, contrast and colour balance for you, while leaving the original image data intact.

Versatile Multi-Platform Networking

The Epson STYLUS PRO 9000 supports Windows 95/98/NT and Mac® OS 8.1 to 9.X, making it an ideal choice in networked multi-platform environments. It is equipped with ECP parallel and high-speed Macintosh serial interfaces, and offers multiprotocol auto interface recognition. An optional Type B Ethernet interface card (100 Base-TX, 10 Base-T) can be added to extend network capabilities even further. Mac® OS 8.1 to 9.X users will also be able to take advantage of an optional IEEE1394 interface card to be made available in the future.

EPSON RIP Station 5100 PostScript 3 Colour Server - Optional Configuration

For the ultimate in output speed and image quality, the Epson STYLUS PRO 9000 can be teamed with an Epson RIP Station 5100 PostScript 3 colour server. Combining the beauty of Epson 6-colour halftoning technology with the power of Fiery PostScript colour server performance, it is a system that defines a new standard in professional colour printing performance. The server features a 200MHz 64-bit RISC CPU with a dedicated LX RIP chip, 128Mb RAM and a 4Gb hard disk, and offers blazingly fast image processing and throughput. Support for industry-standard colour proofing targets includes EuroStandard (DuPont Cromalin), SWOP (DuPont WaterProof, 3M Matchprint, Fuji Color-Art), and DIC (Japanese Industrial Standard). Proofing Paper and an optional Color Calibrator are also available.

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