Epson SureColor F1060 - DTG & DTF

SureColor F1060 - DTG & DTF

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Quality production made flexible

The SureColor F1060 is designed for in-store clothing and merchandise customisation. It also provides a cost-effective production tool for designers, event operators, print-for-pay providers and small businesses. The printer combines a compact footprint with flexible operation and outstanding image quality. It supports traditional direct-to-garment (DTG) and the latest direct-to-film (DTFilm) production techniques. The unit ships complete with software and an integrated PORT service for enhanced management and support. It is simple to operate, and features fully automated height adjustment and a high degree of self-maintenance. Pouch-based ink and a maintenance tank make for high-convenience with minimum fuss and mess.

The SC-F1060 is not only compact but has been styled to suit ‘front-office’ operations with a quality finish and fully enclosed production area. It uses Epson's latest UltraChrome® DG2 ink, and incorporates our famous PrecisionCore® MicroTFP® printhead and operates with Precision Dot imaging technology. Super-fine lines, exceptional gradations and solid fills can be produced on a wide range of fabric and film. Ink ships in convenient ink pouches that are compact to store, quick to load and easy to replace.

  • Compact design – clean styling with flat sides, rear and top. Has a relatively low weight and a footprint of just 0.62 m2
  • Flexible production – 5c CYMKW ink set for imaging on light and dark on a range of material via DTG or DTFilm1
  • Easy to install – fits through a standard door, designed for Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, ships with ink and software.
  • Easy to operate – uses front-loaded 250 ml ink pouches and a simple maintenance tank, easy garment placement with fully automatic height adjustment.
  • Enhanced reliability – comprehensive onsite warranty with optional CoverPlus for up to five years total cover (including the printhead) linked with Epson Cloud Solution PORT.
  • Outstanding print quality – latest ink, printhead and image processing technology produce output of super-fine lines, solid fills and excellent gradations in bright colour with minimum bleed on a wide range of fabrics.
  • Easy to manage and maintain – ink-less nozzle status monitoring, auto-nozzle replacement and auto head cleaning ensure consistent results with reliable operation and minimum user maintenance. Integrated (free) PORT service provides advanced costing, management and reporting tools while also facilitating remote diagnosis and enhanced support.2

Quality & flexibility in a compact form-factor

The SC-F1060 is designed for low-volume business, event and design applications. It combines small size with high-flexibility and maximum image quality. It uses Epson’s latest UltraChrome DG2 ink, PrecisionCore thin film printhead and Precision Dot image processing. Auto print height setting, auto head cleaning and active nozzle management ensure consistent high-quality output. It can be operated on a moderate-sized desk with minimal installation space and operational clearance.

Epson UltraChrome DG2 ink supports both DTG and DTFilm production techniques. When used with appropriate pre-treat solution, film and powder, custom images can be applied to a wide range of materials. Images feature enhanced UV/wash durability with superior resolution and colour. Epson consumables feature reduced toxicity over competitors, making them safer to work with. When applied to fabric and appropriately fixed, they adhere to the latest Oeko-Tex® Eco Passport and GOTS-ECOCERT standards, ensuring that the garments are safe for use by adults, children and babies.1, 3

Easy to install and operate

Direct-to-garment printing replaces the complex, messy and time-consuming process of traditional screen printing with a faster, more flexible, and repeatable digital solution. Artwork can be created using a range of readily available drawing and photo editing programs before printing directly onto fabric, or film for subsequent transfer onto other material via a heat press. The process provides increased scope for creativity, value-adding and customisation while enabling significant cost savings and just-in-time/ just-the-right-volume production.

The SureColor F1060 combines an ergonomic design with quality presentation and simple operation. It features compact, fully enclosed work area with a see-through top and lit interior. Garment placement is facilitated by a pull-out guide for the neck, along with integrated sleeve alignment guides. These guides are synchronised with the supplied software, providing an on-screen preview for precise alignment. Print height adjustment is fully automated while 5-colour CYMK + White ink operation enables output on film, light and dark fabric.1

As with all models in the current Epson DTG range, the SC-F1060 supports premium frame-based output as well as rapid frame-less output with user-replaceable grip pads. The control panel features integrated help and there are online videos that provide further assistance. The printer comes with the latest Epson Garment Creator software and connects with Epson Cloud Solution PORT for advanced management, reporting, production costing and support.2, 4

Reliable and easy to maintain

The SureColor F1060 features a high degree of self-maintenance. The printhead is self-cleaning and operates with a self-washing capping system for enhanced reliability and reduced user-maintenance. Optional platens are available for sleeve work and to enable production of baby clothing.

The SC-F1060 was designed for easy management. It uses 250 ml pouches that load via a simple tray system and a convenient maintenance tank. The printhead provides durable operation without the cost and labour associated with regular replacement. The head is covered under warranty and CoverPlus, extendable up to 5 years. The integrated (free) Epson Cloud Solution PORT service not only provides operators with advanced costing and reporting tools, but also enhanced service and support with Epson technicians able to undertake remote diagnosis for expedited resolution.2

1 A range of material and fabric types are supported by DTG and DTFilm processes. Selecting the optimal process will depend on the material, image type and preferred workflow. It is important to discuss your requirements with Epson and/or your dealer prior to purchase. Most production methods require purchase of additional equipment which should also be discussed with your dealer prior to purchase. The printer is designed to operate in a 5-colour configuration. If white ink is not required for a period of time, it can be replaced with the cleaning liquid (available separately).

2 If hardware repair is required, Epson will generally perform this free onsite within greater metro locations (regional locations attract additional travelling charges). Cover can be extended up to a maximum total of 5 years through the purchase of optional CoverPlus. CoverPlus requires activation of an Epson Cloud Solution PORT account and connection of the printer. For further information, please see the specification tab.

3 When applied to fabric and appropriately fixed Epson DS2 ink has met or exceeded the standards established by GOTS-ECOCERT and OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT. For further details on these standards please visit and

4 Platen grip pads can be applied to the small platen only to enable faster frameless loading and setting. The grip pads are user-replaceable to allow for issues related to wear, grime and ink bleed. They are not recommended for DTFilm production work.