Epson SureColor T3000 - 24"

SureColor T3000 - 24

Large Format Printers

SureColor Technical:
CAD & POS printing made Fast and Flexible

The Epson SureColor Technical series is a versatile and compact range of printers. They are designed for users who need to produce high resolution, large-format colour and black-and-white images, economically and at high speed. They are compatible with a wide range of media from basic bond paper to thick cardboard, and are ideal for maps, architectural drawings, technical schematics, geological surveys, sales presentations, indoor signage and display.

The SC-T3000 uses Epson’s patented Thin Film MicroPiezo™ print head and latest generation pigment based aqueous UltraChrome® ink technology. The head supports fast printing with an A1 image produced in as little as 28s while the ink enables high resolution images that are resistant to damage through abrasion and moisture exposure. The ink is cost effective and supplied in individual colour cartridges that come in a range of sizes to suit different production levels. Designed for business and corporate environments, the printer can be used stand-alone or networked. It features a small footprint, convenient front loading, low noise, and power consumption. It comes with a large suite of software that facilitates easy printing from office and CAD applications, job costing and remote management.

  • High Productivity – prints an A1 image in as little as 28sec
  • High Flexibility – supports roll, cut sheet and thick board up to 24" (610mm) wide and uses five individual colour ink cartridges including a matt and photo black that automatically switch depending on the output requirement
  • High Convenience – large LED control panel, all-front loading consumables with spindle-less roll media handling and barcode system
  • Multi-sheet Output Bin – holds 20 sheets of plain paper (floor standing model only)
  • Compact design – features a small footprint with all connections located on one side. Can be ordered in either a desktop or floor standing configuration.
  • Cost Effective Operation – low power consumption, large waste tank and individual colour ink cartridges available in a choice of 110ml, 350ml and 700ml sizes to suit different output levels and cost-per-print requirements.
  • Epson Thin Film MicroPiezo™ (TFP) Print Head – 2880x1440dpi resolution with automatic head alignment and Variable Sized Dot Technology™ (VSDT) for exceptional fine lines, solid dark areas, superior half tones and optimised ink usage
  • Super-Rigid Stand – robot assembled with laser welding for maximum precision and strength. Enables high speed printing with minimal movement and noise (floor standing model only)
  • High-Speed Auto Cutter – cuts an A1 sheet in 2sec with high precision finish
  • Full Workgroup Support – large memory with integrated HP-GL/2 support1, high speed Ethernet, remote management and e-mail notification, job costing, remote e-mail notification and optional 250GB HDD for continuous multi-user operation with rapid reprint facility
  • Epson UltraChrome™ XD ink – all-pigment based aqueous construction provides for consistent and vibrant colour with an enhanced gamut range and high resistance to damage through exposure to moisture and scratching.


Quality Results at High Speed

The SureColor Technical series take as little as 28 seconds to produce an A1 print. All models feature Epson's patented MicroPiezo™ Thin Film print heads with micro-fine nozzles that support resolutions up to 2880x1440dpi. Variable-size Droplet Technology brings additional clarity to fine detail while enhancing half-tone results and optimising the quantity of ink that is applied for each print job to ensure quality results with minimum consumption.

Newly developed Epson UltraChrome XD Ink features a full pigment construction for consistent high-quality output with an extended gamut range and durability. It enables images with solid fill areas, crisp text and lines with a minimum width of just 0.02mm. When applied to quality media the ink is resistant to scratch and moisture damage which can be highly useful for plans and other working documents. The ink set incorporates both a matte and photo black with the printer automatically switching between the two depending on the output requirement. The formulation extends the colour range to enable premium POS, display and presentation work.


Flexible and Economic to Run

The SureColor Technical series comes in three sizes to suit different output requirements. The T3000 has a 24-inch wide (610mm) carriage for A1 work and can be purchased in either a desktop or free-standing configuration. The T5000 has a 36-inch wide (914mm) carriage for A0 output while the T7000 has a 44-inch (1118mm) width for B0+. All models feature optimised running costs with low power consumption. They feature large waste tanks and use ink cartridges which can be ordered in a choice of 110ml, 350ml and 700ml sizes to suit different output volumes and costs per print requirements.

The Technical series has been designed to accept a wide range of roll and single sheet media. All models support stock as light as 80gsm for draft work and have a special straight path that supports stock as thick as 1.5mm for quality presentation work. Roll media is quick and easy to load with a spindle-less design that handles media with variable core sizes. For users who work with a range of media the printers have an inbuilt barcoding facility that enables automatic identification and re-configuration when rolls are loaded. The series features a new high precision, high-speed auto-cutter that will slice an A1 sheet in just 2sec.


Easy to Install and Operate

The SureColor Technical series is easy to set-up and use. All models feature a compact design with all connections located on the right hand side for quick connection and operation up against a wall or in a corner2. The T7000, T5000 and T3000 (floor-standing configuration only) come with a stand that includes a 20 sheet output basket. All consumables are loaded from the front with sheet and roll media fed in at the top and the finished prints emerging below. For high volume continuous printing an optional auto take-up reel is available for the T7000.

All models ship with a suite of software that is designed to enhance operational ease and management flexibility. Printers can be controlled from the desktop, via the large front panel colour LCD or remotely via a management utility. An in-built e-mail system enables remote notification of print job completion, problems and warnings. A simple plug-in enables easy printing from MS Office applications while an accounting tool enables cost control and simplified job billing. Integrated HP-GL emulation ensures an easy fit into most CAD environments1. For high volume users a special 250GB hard drive can be added to provide job spooling, queue management and flexible reprint facilities.

1 HP-GL/2 implementation varies from application to application. If this facility is important please contact Epson or one of our dealer partners to confirm compatibility with your software prior to purchase.

2 Board printing uses a straight through print path. When printing on board media space will be required at the rear for output and user access.