Be worry-free with quality, consistent, Epson specialty papers

Special Coating. Vibrant colour. Brilliant results every time.

Whether you're printing a cherished family photo, important business document, internet page or T-shirt transfer, Epson's wide selection of specialty papers are more than just regular paper. When partnered with Epson printers and ink, they deliver consistently brilliant print quality.

  • Epson Ink
  • Generic Ink

Epson Specialty Papers - Always Quick-dry & Smudge Resistant Touchable prints straight from the printer.

When Epson papers and ink meet, they become quickly inseparable. Once your print hits the paper tray, it's ready!

Long Lasting Prints Preserve your treasured memories.

Prints that last up to 200 years in an album or up to 100 years in a picture frame. Epson paper makes it happen in collaboration with Epson inks and printers.1

  • Epson Ink

    Epson paper and ink are optimized to resist fading for generations.

  • Non-Epson Ink

    Prints made using generic, non-Epson ink will fade over time.

Worry-free Printing Prints that won't jam.

Epson papers are engineered to work smoothly each time you print and work reliably in all brands of Ink Jet printers. No skewing. No jamming. No worries.

  1. Data is calculated using accelerated simulation of fading under indoor preservation conditions including fluorescent light indoor display. Temperature, humidity and some atmospheric gases may also affect the rate of fading. The estimated lightfastness period does not indicate the colour changing or the durability of the paper itself. Epson recommends that your prints be stored in a photo album (or plastic photo storage box) in acid free, archival sleeves commonly available from most camera shops.