• 4K Enhancement surpasses Full HD quality1
  • Absolute Black contrast ratio
  • Colour Brightness2 - 1500 lumens
  • White Brightness2 - 1500 lumens

Experience 4K Enhancement

Discover a whole new way to watch movies - the way filmmakers intended. Epson's 4K Enhancement Technology1 delivers astonishing picture quality. Now, every subtle intricacy is captured - even your most-loved films will offer something new. Plus, Epson's Super-resolution with Detail Enhancement Technology refines surface details for true-to-life images that pop off the screen. Users can adjust levels of sharpness and detail enhancement for optimal viewing. This isn't just a new way to watch movies - it's the best way.

Dual Laser Light Source

Knowing the advantages offered by a laser system, Epson's decision to use a laser light source for the LS10000 was an obvious one. The laser light engine's impressive lifespan - up to 30,000-hours3 - provides virtually worry-free operation. And, there's no waiting for the projector to warm up or cool down - the projector reaches maximum brightness and turns off almost immediately. Plus, high-speed contrast control ensures both bright and dark scenes look their best.

3LCD Reflective Panels

Exceptional contrast for richer blacks and brighter whites

Exceptional contrast for richer blacks and brighter whites

For decades, 3LCD projectors have been praised within the industry for delivering superior colour and gradation. Now, with Epson's innovative 3LCD Reflective system, you get remarkably high contrast as well. Featuring advanced liquid crystal on quartz technology, these 3LCD Reflective projectors boast exceptional performance, including an improved pixel density and increased aperture ratio for smoother, film-like pictures.

Powerful Innovation in an Elegant Package

Intelligent Lens Position Memory

Fast, quiet and precise, the LS10000 allows you to preset up to 10 positions for zoom, focus and lens shift for both standard projection and wide cinema ratios. Project 2.40, 1.85 and 1.78 aspect ratios on the same screen without an anamorphic lens - and no downtime when switching between ratios.

Installation Flexibility

Epson's advanced projection technology enables a wide range of lens shift capabilities for outstanding installation flexibility. The LS10000 has an incredible range of up to 90 percent on the vertical axis and up to 40 percent on the horizontal axis.

Exceptional Video Processing

ISF Calibration tools and THX certification ensure accurate and exceptional picture quality.

Quiet and Cooling Efficiency

An innovative, efficient cooling system created with premium thermal-conductive copper piping makes the LS10000 among the quietest projectors in the industry.

Super Resolution with Detail Enhancement

Super resolution technology defines edges for standard and HD content, while Detail Enhancement refines surface detail for true-to-life images.

Wide Colour Gamut

Enjoy brilliant, colour-rich performance. The full sRGB colour gamut is visible even in the brightest mode. And, the DCI colour gamut - the digital cinema standard - is also achievable.

Instant Off

There's no waiting for the projector to warm up or cool down - the projector reaches maximum brightness and turns off almost immediately.

Frame Interpolation Technology

Multiple new frames are inserted between the original ones, so motion appears smoother, sharper and more realistic.

Outstanding Support

Three-year projector limited warranty for peace of mind.

1 4K Enhancement Technology shifts each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels to double the resolution to 3840 x 2160 and surpass Full HD image quality. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 in 3D Mode.

2 Colour brightness (colour light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Colour light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118.

3 30,000 hours is the estimated projector life when used in ECO Mode. The projector comes with a three-year warranty, described in the warranty statement. Actual hours may vary depending on usage environment.