What is WirelessHD™?

WirelessHD enables the transfer of HDMI digital signals without compression or deterioration. You can now wirelessly stream Full HD and 3D content directly to your Epson Projector, giving you high quality images every time.

Why use WirelessHD?
Eliminate cable clutter and simplify installations! The WirelessHD function gives you the ability to easily set up your projector in rooms of all shapes and sizes.

wiHD vs wi-fi
WirelessHD employs the 60 GHz band, and was designed from the ground up to handle very complex HD video content. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is a general purpose technology for data communication.

WirelessHD delivers bandwidth over twenty times faster than today’s 802.11 Wi-Fi. This allows for the seamless transmission of 1080p content.

Video Overview

How to use WirelessHD

There are two main ways you can use WirelessHD with your Epson Projector:

1. Connect the WirelessHD transmitter that comes with your Epson projector to your source device (eg. Blu Ray player) via an HDMI cable. The transmitter will wirelessly stream 1080p content directly to the Epson projector.

2. Alternatively, the Epson TW6100W and TW9200W can speak directly with any other machine that is WirelessHD certified.