Users need high quality consumables to deliver the best levels of print quality and printer protection.

Epson has strengthened its commitment to users with the Colour Shifting Label.

Authenticity is Shifting
THE Epson Colour Shifting Label is the latest in anti-counterfeit technology, introduced to help users identify Genuine Epson inks. This colour shifting technology is internationally renowned as the latest effective anti-counterfeit security. This new technology is presently used in various industries including the US and Chinese monetary systems.

Its use on Epson ink cartridges packaging helps users determine the authenticity of the cartridge by shifting between bronze and green (colours reserved specifically for Epson's use) depending upon from which angle it is viewed.

Epson's Colour Shifting Labels will gradually replace the previous hologram anti-counterfeit labels. The label, which has a 17mm diameter, will first be introduced on ink cartridge packages, with further implementation on other Epson consumables at a later date. At no time will an Epson consumable ever feature both a hologram and a Colour Shifting Label.

Answering Consumer Counterfeit Concerns
Results from an Epson market research survey indicate that over 90 per cent of users will not purchase a product if they are aware it is counterfeit. It is this level of concern Epson has addressed with the colour shifting technology. Now it is even easier to demand and know you are getting Genuine Epson consumables.
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