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Stylus Photo R3000 - Camera GP 2011 - Editors Choice Award

August 2011

Camera GP 2011

August 8, 2011

Global Communication Support Dept.
Seiko Epson Corporation

We are very pleased that Epson was announced as a winner in the Camera GP Awards 2011 in Japan. Camera GP 2011 Editors Award - Epson MAXART PX-5V (The Epson Stylus® Photo R3000)

The Epson Stylus® Photo R3000 is an A3+ ink-jet printer using K3 pigment ink technology. It boasts a high degree of completion, achieving both high quality images and good cost-to-performance characteristics. Using nine shades and colors of K3 pigment-based inks enables the printer to deliver rich color representations up to the blue and violet regions, which have been difficult to materialize with ink-jet printers.

Camera GP 2011 Awards
The Camera GP is organized by the Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee of the Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC) in Japan.

The Camera Journal Press Club was founded in September 1963 to report accurate and detailed articles on the photo industry and photo products. In 2010, the club entered into partnership with TIPA (The Technical Image Press Association), which is a group of 30 member magazines from 14 countries all over the world, making it one of the largest and most influential photographic and imaging press associations globally.

The Camera GP started in 1984 and over the years has become established as a symbolic award in the camera industry in Japan. The Camera GP presents awards in four categories. Camera of The Year and Lens of The Year are chosen annually from among the most outstanding still camera products released in Japan in that year, determined by a selection committee whose members include close to 60 CJPC members, the chief editor or representative of each CJPC affiliate magazine, academic staff commissioned by the Executive Committee, camera technology writers, and professional photographers.

There is also a Readers Award for cameras selected by general users, and an Editors Award chosen by members of the CJPC for all camera-related photo and imaging products.

What is the Camera Journal Press Club?
The Camera Journal Press Club (C.J.P.C/JAPAN) is a journalist group of 11 camera and photography magazines in Japan.


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