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Epson launches new MeetingMate Interactive Finger Touch-enabled Multi-function Projectors for Business

August 2014

New EB-1420Wi and EB-1430Wi models

SYDNEY, 20 August 2014 – Epson today again raised the bar in the business world with the launch of its second-generation EB-1420Wi and EB-1430Wi MeetingMate interactive, multi-function, finger touch-enabled projectors that completely remove the need for any kind of whiteboard.

The new MeetingMate models not only capitalise on the incredible success of the first generation projectors, but add to it in many ways with the EB-1430Wi becoming the world’s first finger touch-based interactive projector aimed squarely at the world of business. Such is the ingenuity of the EB-1430Wi that it enables as many as six participants to touch, draw, select and interact using intuitive and familiar gestures. In addition to operation using an interactive pen, with the EB-1430Wi it is now possible for users to operate by simply using their fingers on the screen. Much like many of today’s tablet devices opening and closing files, scrolling, moving and expanding objects, and annotation are just some of the possibilities available at the touch of a finger. What’s more any image on the screen can be resized and moved as if it were an object. So, even if there is no writing space on the screen, written contents can be reduced in size to make room for new annotations.

Epson Australia General Manager for its Business Division Craig Heckenberg said, “The new MeetingMate projectors revolutionise any whiteboard, wall, flat surface or existing dryerase board as it makes them a truly interactive and powerful business tool. Simply turn on the projector and start writing. It’s that easy.”

MeetingMate is a standalone solution that requires no computer, software or training. Designed in close collaboration with business professionals in mind MeetingMate offers the ability to capture, save and share everything that transpires within the meeting at the simple touch of a button, pen or finger. There is no need to transcribe whiteboard notes or take a photo as MeetingMate is set up to print or email directly from the screen.

The second generation MeetingMate offers far more than its predecessor too including the ability to save up to 50 fully digital pages removing the need to erase for more space. There’s also a whiteboard sharing mode which enables content written digitally to be shared and annotated on simultaneously by both local and remote participants collaborating from mobile devices, computers and other MeetingMates without connecting a PC. This unique feature can be used for document revision, adding handwritten signatures, modifying charts and highlighting key information.

The networking capabilities of MeetingMate are second to none and add power and flexibility to meetings and presentations the like of which hasn’t been seen before in a projector. By attaching them to a LAN via a wired or wireless connection MeetingMate’s network-connected projectors not only allow users to present visual and audio content over the LAN, but also to annotate on network content using Epson's instant annotation tools. Using the EasyMP® Network Projection application allows users to project a presentation via a maximum of 4 network connected projectors anywhere in the world and enables individual mouse control from each location. In addition and to add more practicality into the mix, IT administrators can also configure and monitor the status of their Epson networked projectors, including the remote viewing of power status, lamp hours, temperature and filter conditions and maintenance alerts.

Enhanced interactivity is the key feature of the new MeetingMate which it delivers on many levels. By connecting the projectors to a PC via USB cable, users can operate the PC mouse using the interactive pen and even your finger with the EB-1430Wi. When used with Microsoft Office (Windows Vista or later), users can handwrite comments and diagrams directly into the document then save it in the original file format.

By using the unique Epson iProjection™ App and for even more added convenience, MeetingMate now also allows users to use their own device and wirelessly share and display content from iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices to MeetingMate projectors.

From a technical standpoint the bar has been raised even further as MeetingMate now employs a dynamic video conferencing display enabling users to connect video conferencing equipment for screens up to 100 inches in size and uses Split Screen to simultaneously display people and content side by side. All MeetingMate projectors use low cost Epson lamps and have a powerful 16W built-in speaker.

Images are also brighter and clearer with the new MeetingMate as each projector now boasts 3,300 lumens white brightness and colour brightness. The projectors’ lamp life has also been extended now giving up to 6,000 hours in ECO mode. MeetingMate projectors also have a higher contrast ratio than before at 10,000:1 and increased practical digital connectivity with two HDMI ports for digital connections, one of which supports MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) for mirroring connectivity with Android™ mobile devices.

RRP for the new MeetingMate projectors inclusive of GST are EB-1420Wi $3,299 and EB-1430Wi $3,699 and both models are available now from authorised Epson dealers.

For more information on the new MeetingMate multi-function interactive projectors go to:

The new multi-function, interactive EB-1420Wi and EB-1430Wi MeetingMate projectors will be demonstrated at Integrate 2014 on Epson’s stand E30 from 26-28 August at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.

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