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Epson G Series Projectors Engage and Immerse with University of the Sunshine Coast and InDesign Technologies

January 2015

Used in two unique teaching spaces at USC

SYDNEY, 17 December 2014 – The Immerse studio and the Engage Research Lab are two of the most unique teaching spaces at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s (USC) new $33 million Learning and Teaching Hub in Queensland. The Immerse studio enables USC’s partners, community, researchers and students to have new experiences of learning, research and engagement, and the Engage Research Lab is dedicated to developing gaming and content using the very latest in technology. Both spaces used the design expertise of InDesign Technologies who in turn specified Epson G Series multi-media projectors.

Managing Director of InDesign Technologies Peter Coman explained, "We have been working with USC for a few years designing many technology rich teaching spaces throughout the University, developing audio visual standards and specifying the best equipment for each project. Both the Immerse and Engage spaces presented real innovations in terms of audio visual switching and projection."

Coman and his team initially designed the Tiered Teaching Space within USC’s newest building. The TTS allows up to 6 students to collaborate at each of the 16 tables, all of whom can present content via two projectors at the front of the room.

Coman continued, "We made it easier for students to share and project information. We also designed the cabling infrastructure and lighting control making sure all the environment worked to the best of its abilities. It was at this point when the Engage and Immerse projects came up, so we presented concept designs for both spaces."

These spaces are predominately occupied by USC's Engage Research group, and InDesign was tasked with enabling them to develop content using cutting edge technology and the latest in display and projection advances.

Coman continued, "For the Engage space we specified Epson G Series EB-G6550WUNL projectors with short throw lenses. With 10 system inputs within the Student Development Studio, users can collaborate in Full HD via the G6550WUs. The G6550WU provides full HD projection and when combined with a short throw lens it casts few shadows. It also reduces glare which significantly improves the learning experience."

Immerse was the brainchild of USC's Professor Christian Jones and was partly funded by USC's nursing faculty. Professor Jones' idea was to create an environment where students and partners could use a teaching and development studio for immersive experiences such as coastal flooding, neurological pathways, digital art installations and innovative gaming mechanics for individual and shared exploration and learning.

Immerse is a three wall projection studio with a total projection area of 19.4m by 2.25m, complete with 7.1 surround sound. The forth wall contains one way glass into an observation and control room. Around 25 people can use the Immerse studio at one time, with a further ten in the observation room.

Peter Coman continued, "For such a unique space we needed high definition projectors that would give us the shortest throw possible and provide superior edge blending for the right price."

Coman arranged for a projector shoot-out between the Epson G Series EB-G6900WUNL and some alternate brands adding, "Some had all the features but were nearly three times the price. Others had to be purchased with a standard lens forcing you to purchase the short throw lens separately. The conclusion was easy; there was only one projector that met all of our requirements – the Epson G Series EB-G6900WUNL."

Immerse utilises three pairs of edge blended G6900WU projectors, a PC with a six-headed graphics card and custom steel structural support beams. The image has an aspect ratio of 90:10 and a huge projection area with a resolution of 10548 x 1200.

Coman concluded, "The Epson G6900WU projectors with their seamless edge blending are the key here as they allow USC to project lifelike detail that enables users to create almost any environment, including the most complex medical simulations, hospital departments and crash scenes. Such is the success of the studio that users truly feel they are immersed in the situation. Immerse is a unique space so we needed the best solutions available. Epson represented great quality and the best value by far for a Full HD projector with a short throw lens. By doing a shoot out you quickly learn that not all projectors are created equal. The G6900WU with its excellent built-in edge blending capabilities allows USC to create the canvas they desire without the need for any additional hardware and software. In fact the edge blending is so good you can’t even tell it’s happening – this is a huge bonus in a room like Immerse where perception is everything. I can honestly say that the Epson EB-G6550WUNL and EB-G6900WUNL G Series projectors have helped USC realise their vision for cutting edge simulation environments within the Engage Research Lab and Immerse Studio."

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Picture credits: InDesign Technologies & Jason Smith Photography
USC Engage Research Lab
The Immerse room at USC

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