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Epson Is About to Take Over Fashion Week

January 2015

Article originally published here:
Credits: Cortney Clift

Coming fresh off the heels of this year’s CES conference, one thing has become crystal clear: Fashion and tech now go hand in hand. We’ve seen it work itself into rings, necklaces and even gorgeous 3D printed dresses. So what’s the next big tech brand to cross over to the sartorial side? Epson — ya, like the printer.

Epson has partnered with 11 designers across the Americas on collections created using Epson’s state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process. What the heck is dye sublimation printing? Oh, we’re so glad you asked. It’s a textile technique created using Epson’s SureColor F-Series which produces sharp images and rich colors by printing straight onto fabric – kind of like a super-improved version of ink transfer paper… without the transfer.

The pieces these 11 designers produce will be showcased during New York Fashion Week next month at an event titled "Digital Couture." Agustin Chacon, VP of subsidiary sales and operations over at the printing company says, "Epson’s dye sublimation printing technology provides another level of creativity and functionality for young fashion entrepreneurs and well-established fashion brands looking to produce their art in a more efficient and affordable manner."

No sneak peeks yet as to what we might see at the showcase. However, Epson has released a full list of all 11 Northern and Southern American designers selected to use this innovative technique. Some standouts are Ay Not Dead from Argentina, wacky celebrity costume designer Maggie Barry and Leonar Silva (whose pieces are just begging to be printed on).

Article originally published here:
Credits: Cortney Clift

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