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Epson Launches SurePress L-4533A and L-4533AW Digital Label Presses

February 2018

Epson Launches SurePress L-4533A and L-4533AW Digital Label Presses
Now with major improvements to automation functions

SYDNEY, 2 March 2018 – Epson Australia has expanded its digital label press lineup with the introduction of the new and improved SurePress® L-4533A, a six colour aqueous resin ink machine and SurePress L-4533AW six colour plus white aqueous resin ink press.

Delivering high-quality labels and packaging at a low total cost of ownership (TCO), the easy-to-operate SurePress L-4533A/AW inkjet label presses are built for reliable, high-quality performance, making short-run label printing with accurate colour reproduction on a wide variety of substrates easy for label converters and commercial printers. The L-4533A/AW have also undergone significant developments to meet the growing demand for fast turnaround, with longer automated printing times, email alerts and minimal maintenance.

General Manager of the Business Division at Epson Australia, Craig Heckenberg said, “Everyone appreciated the success of the SurePress L-4033 series so we wanted to build on that with new products to meet the growing label and flexible packaging market demand for shorter runs and faster turnaround times. The L-4533A/AW do just that. Boasting even higher print quality, greater operator productivity and improved media versatility, the new printers boast more than 30 improvements over their predecessors. These improvements translate into users’ ability to print a wider range of applications, create more high value jobs and operate more cost efficiently.”

Specifically designed to improve productivity and increase efficiency, the SurePress L-4533A/AW offer advanced automated printing features, including up to eight hours of unattended printing, e-mail alerts and minimal manual cleaning. Offering the highest levels of reliability with all components built by Epson including the ink, printhead and controller, the L-4533A/AW feature versatile substrate support and print on off-the-shelf materials from 3.15-inches (8cm) up to 13-inches (33cm) wide and as thin as .00314-inches (0.08mm).

The SurePress L-4533A/AW also include upgraded microprocessors which improve processing speeds up to 80% compared to the outgoing models. The new digital label presses with variable drop size starting at three picoliters also include a new larger ink drop size, ideal for large solid colour backgrounds found on packaging.

More about the SurePress L-4533A/AW:

The Epson SurePress L-4533A/AW is designed to print prime labels and flexible packaging efficiently and profitably. Additional features include:
• High-quality labels – Epson MicroPiezo® inkjet technology and a wide colour gamut deliver colour matching and gradients required for branded prime labels and packaging
• Ease of operation – Automated printing allows a single operator to run multiple units at one time
• Remarkable reliability – All components are manufactured by Epson and supported by Epson service
• Low-cost turnkey solution – Training, workflow software and operational support included
• Competitive TCO – Automated printing, competitive ink price and minimal consumables
• Versatile substrate support – Prints on off-the-shelf flexo PS label materials, including uncoated, gloss and semi-gloss papers, film and supported or unsupported media
• Versatile data support – An ideal solution for text, barcode and image serialisation
• Industrial-quality inks – Seven-colour ink set (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, Green and White), durable, water-based, resin-coated pigment inks provide superior adhesion, produce a remarkable range of colours, and deliver water and abrasion resistance on most substrates

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