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Epson EXPRESSION 10000XL A3 size graphic arts flatbed scanner

May 2004

Sydney 19 May 2004: Epson today launched the EXPRESSION 10000XL high speed A3 flatbed scanner designed for business and graphics professionals looking for high image quality and greater productivity.

The EXPRESSION 10000XL A3 scanner is designed for demanding graphic art and business users. With its 2400 dpi resolution, 3.8 optical density, network connectivity and high speed scanning capability, the EXPRESSION 10000XL is the scanning solution for the scanning perfectionist.

To cut scanning time the EXPRESSION 10000XL reduces stand-by time to zero, using a high-bright Xenon lamp that does not need time to warm up instead of the conventional fluorescent [Mercury] lamp. The scanner can be used immediately without waiting for the lamp to warm up and can scan more smoothly and efficiently.

To further improve productivity, the EXPRESSION 10000XL can scan many different film formats including up to 48 frames of 35mm strip film, 30 framed 35mm slides, 6 frames of 6 x 18cm (max.) 120/220 format film, and 8 frames of 4x5 inch film.

The EXPRESSION 10000XL can also scan documents up to A3 size. Brochures and magazines can be scanned completely without having to fold or cut off part of the required image. Two A4 size documents can also be scanned at the same time.

Unlike many competitors in its class, an image scanned by the EXPRESSION 10000XL is processed by the onboard ASIC chip, ensuring high speed scanning by reducing the scanner’s dependence on the PC’s processor and RAM capacity.

The EXPRESSION 10000XL also incorporates an extra blue toned lamp to increase the scanning speed for negatives. As the base colour of negative film material is brownish in colour, when scans of negatives are made with white light the transmission time of the blue component is much less than green and red. To preserve image quality, other scanners use a longer exposure time for blue to compensate for its loss during negative film scanning, and this slows the overall scanning speed.

To ensure the best quality results from film scans the EXPRESSION 10000XL achieves a maximum optical density of 3.8 allowing it to capture a greater tonal range from film, rivaling the performance of dedicated film scanners.

The EXPRESSION 10000XL uses auto focus to get the optimal pinpoint focus within a range up to 6mm above the original window glass, automatically detecting how far the object is from the glass and adjusting focus accordingly.

The EXPRESSION 10000XL includes colour restoration and grain reduction functions as part of Epson’s scan driver software.

Grain reduction will smooth any rough or sandy looking images and is available when using the scanner in Professional mode. The grain reduction function works by applying a filter which smoothes the image depending on the grain size using Low/Mid/High settings.

The EXPRESSION 10000XL comes with Photoshop Elements 2 and Silverfast Ai 6. Options include an A3 sized Transparency Unit (TPU), automatic document feeder and network image card.

The EXPRESSION 10000XL is an integral part of the Epson new generation range of high quality scanners, and together with the PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO and the PERFECTION 4870 PHOTO provides a choice of enhanced features and functions and stylish design for business, professional, SOHO and home use.

The EXPRESSION 10000XL is priced at $6600 including GST and is available now at Epson retailers. For full product specifications on this and other Epson scanners please refer to

Optical Density is a measure of the opacity of transparent or reflective materials. Film or transparencies have a maximum optical density of about 3.3 and a minimum optical density of about 0.3, giving a density range of 3.0. Reflective materials have a density range of about 2.0. But the tonal range is proportional to the logarithm of the opacity, giving a transparency a tonal range ten times greater than a print. A higher optical density performance for a scanner translates into an ability to capture a greater tonal range.

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