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Epson Launches the 3200 DPI, Epson Perfection 3170 Photo scanner delivering exceptional quality for the semi-professional and enthusiast

September 2003

Sydney 1 September 2003 - Epson today launched its new scanner the Epson PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO.

The Epson PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO is the new mid range scanner from Epson offering an on board ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chip, high-speed USB 2.0 interface and 3200 dpi (dots per inch) scanning resolution.

The high speed USB 2.0 interface on the Epson PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO allows fast image transfer while the ASIC chip handles the majority of the image processing on the scanner, rather than on the PC. This combination results in faster scans at higher resolution with quick transfer to your PC screen.

The Epson PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO scanner includes a transparency unit allowing automated scanning of up to 12 frames of strip film, 4 frames of slides or a medium format (up to 6x 9cm) strip film. The latest version of Epson Scan software automates the archiving of negatives by allowing one touch scan of all of these film frames in one pass. Simply reload the film scanner with the next group of negatives and hit the button again.

The Epson Scan software includes a Photo Restoration feature that can substantially restore the colours in faded photos. Many consumers are unaware that their colour photo negatives can fade over time. Epson's Colour Restoration feature restores faded negatives as well as photos, preserving memories digitally. With Dust Removal, Epson scan automatically detects dust on film and negatives, and makes the necessary adjustments.

The Epson Smart Panel software is included with the Epson PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO to allow easy image manipulation, optical character recognition (OCR) scanning and interpretation of business cards. Also included is Adobe Photoshop Elements II and Newsoft's Presto! BizCard 4.0LE. Epson's own Scan to Web software allows scanning of images from the scanner directly to Club Epson (TM), Epson's new online photo sharing environment. Epson PhotoQuicker 3.4 software is also bundled with the Epson PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO, allowing image manipulation functionality such as red eye reduction and colour balancing after scanning.

The Epson Scan software has three operational modes to suit every user. In "Full Auto" mode the scanner simplifies the options and allows automatic image to file scanning with one button click. In "Home" mode, some colour settings and colour restoration options are made available, while in full "Professional" Mode, the scanner allows access to more sophisticated settings such as colour balance and dust removal options for negatives.

An optional automatic document feeder is available for the Epson PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO scanner, which allows scanning of documents up to A4 in size at 4.5 pages per minute making volume scanning of documents a breeze.

The Epson PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO scans at 3200 dpi using Epson's unique MatrixCCD and Micro Lens technologies to deliver high resolution images especially from negatives and slides, plus the ability to scan objects that do not sit completely flush with the glass panel such as books and magazine pages.

The PERFECTION 3170 PHOTO is available through Epson's volume distribution channel for an expected Sales Price of $649inc GST.

Jane Ross
Marketing Communications Manager, Volume Products
Epson Australia

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