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Epson releases first entry-level scanner with built in ASIC chip - the Epson Perfection 1670 and Epson Perfection 1670 Photo

July 2003

Sydney July 21: Epson today launched the Epson PERFECTION 1670 and Epson PERFECTION 1670 PHOTO scanners.

The Epson PERFECTION 1670 and 1670 PHOTO are the first entry level scanners on the Australian market to include an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip. The ASIC chip allows image processing to take place on the scanner itself. This makes the scanner faster and ensures that the processing time on the PC is reduced after the physical scan is completed, freeing up the PC for other tasks.

The Epson PERFECTION 1670 PHOTO has a fully integrated Transparency Unit (TPU) that supports simultaneous scanning of strip film (three frames) and slides (two frames) at a time, saving each image as a separate image file - automatically.

Epson Scan, the Epson PERFECTION 1670 scanner driver, now offers Photo Restoration, incorporating Colour Restoration and Dust Removal functionalities. When selected, the Colour Restoration feature recovers the colours from faded photos and transparencies by comparing white and black points on the image and assessing the likely correction needed. Results can be spectacular but depend on the photo itself, and how much of the original colour is left. The Dust Removal function automatically detects dust on film and negatives, minimising its appearance on the final scan.

Epson has bundled a comprehensive suite of software with the scanner, including ABBY FineFiller™ for Optical character recognition, ABBY Form Filler for filling in fields on scanned forms, Presto™ Bizcard™ which scans business cards directly to your business card database, Presto PixExpress™ which allows scanning of images directly to your Palm™ or Windows™ CE Personal Digital Assistant.

Also included is Arcsoft™ PhotoImpression™ for photo editing and retouching and Epson's Scan to web and Photo print applications.

The entire software suite is managed and controlled by Epson's new Smart Panel application. Simply load your document, press the main scan button on the scanner and your PC will launch the Epson smart panel interface. Click on the button which represents what you want to do with the image and smart panel does the rest automatically. For example - "scan and save" or "reprint photo".

For enthusiasts or professional users, the smart panel has a Professional mode allowing detailed adjustment of all parameters.

Both scanners feature a USB 2.0 port for high-speed connection to the PC and are available immediately through Epson dealers and retailers.

The Epson PERFECTION 1670 will retail for approximately $249 inc GST and the Epson PERFECTION 1670 PHOTO with inbuilt Transparency Unit will retail for approximately $299 inc GST.

Jane Ross
Marketing Communications Manager, Volume Products
Epson Australia

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