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Epson releases the ultimate 3200 x 6400 dpi consumer flatbed scanner - the Epson Perfection 3200 Photo

March 2003

Sydney, March 2003: Epson, the world leader in colour image management, has released the ultimate 3200 x 6400 dpi consumer flatbed scanner, the Epson PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO, at a consumer friendly price.

With its incredibly high quality image output and its easy to use, intuitive software, the PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO has been designed to deliver the total scanning solution for professionals and demanding home and small business users.

The PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO uses a precisely positioned MatrixCCD [Charge Coupled Device] and a new Micro Lens along with Micro Step Drive (sub-scanning) technology for ultra high precision to achieve its maximum hardware resolution of 3200 x 6400 dpi without the need for a large carriage.

The combination of these Epson technologies delivers superb light sensitivity that is critical in very high resolution scanning, resulting in amazingly clear images with high colour consistency.

To complement its outstanding scanning performance, the PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO comes with high performance support software. The SilverFast® SE6 professional scan and imaging software combines artificial intelligence, professional editing features and comprehensive pre-scan controls in a user-friendly interface, so that novice and professional users alike can easily exploit its full film and reflective document scanning capabilities.

A few of the SilverFast® features are:

  • SilverFast SRD® for dust and scratch removal from any kind of image
  • NegaFix® for maximising negative scanning with real time exposure slider and custom profiling
  • Auto Image adjustments to correct highlight, shadows and midtones
  • Adaptive colour restoration with new SilverFast ACR™ - restores old, faded photos to their former glory.

The PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO also comes with the next generation of Epson Smart Panel software - Epson's comprehensive scanning program that fully integrates all functions of the scanner into one convenient desktop program. This intuitive software allows customers to initiate specific scanner tasks with one click.

Epson Smart Panel has an icon for each of these applications:
  • Scan to PDA for scanning photos into PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants);
  • Copy Utility for making multiple copies of text and photos;
  • Photo Print for easily enlarging and printing photos, negatives and slides;
  • Scan to Web for automatically scanning images to the Epson PhotoStation Web site;
  • Scan to File for converting files into PDF files or easily organising scans of both images and documents;
  • Scan to E-mail for attaching photos or documents to e-mails;
  • Scan to OCR for converting documents to editable text files;
  • Scan to Application for directly scanning into a favourite application.
  • Scan to P.I.M. file for best matching with PRINT Image Matching enabled Epson printer.

For the professional photographer or serious home archiver, the PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO features an integrated Transparency Unit (TPU) that allows simultaneous scanning of 12 frames of 35mm strip film, 4 mounted 35mm slides, or one 120/220 (6 x 9cm) film or 4 x 5 inch film. The advanced technologies incorporated within the scanner recognise each frame as an individual image allowing rapid processing of the images in the chosen format or application.

With an on-board ASIC chip for image processing helping to deliver faster scanning speeds on negatives, photos and slides, transparencies, graphics and text, the PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO provides professional performance in an affordable and easy to use scanner.

To maintain its high speed operation the PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO comes with standard USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and Firewire (IEEE 1394) interfaces.

The Epson PERFECTION 3200 PHOTO is available immediately through Epson Australia's volume product channel of accredited resellers, and retails at approximately $899.

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