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Epson clarity, colour and reliability makes home theatre the centre of attention

May 2002

Epson clarity, colour and reliability makes home theatre the centre of attention

Sydney,15 May 2002: The renowned quality and reliability of Epson's projector range has flashed onto the home theatre market with the release of two giant screen, ultra-high contrast projectors.

Epson's EMP-TW100 and EMP-TS10 projectors will deliver heart-stopping realistic action in a fully variable display up to 7.6 metres [760cm or 300-inches] across. And, with a contrast ratio of 600:1 for the EMP-TW100 and 500:1 with the EMP-TS10, clarity, contrast, colour and image definition are more than a match for the most ardent sports, drama or concert enthusiast - even in daylight conditions.

Crystal clear image quality and bright, accurate colour representation are two of the absolute essentials demanded by home theatre buffs. The EMP-TW100 and EMP-TS10 projectors deliver on both, with an innovative Colour Adjustment Menu that allows remote selection of five image colour modes, ensuring maximum image quality using optimised modes for DVD and movies, television, games and even one for the personal computer and surfing the net.

Powered by Epson's own advanced imaging technology, including the linked three-LCD panel system, the realism of the image has to be seen to be believed. The three 3.3cm Epson LCDs are engineered and synchronised to achieve high levels of image quality in brightness distribution (illumination ratio), colour saturation, colour accuracy and efficiency. They create varying shades of red, green and blue that blend to produce a projected image with brighter, richer, truer colours and sharp blacks.

Both the EMP-TW100 and EMP-TS10 projectors:

  • Provide a true home theatre experience with fully variable image size up to 760 cm
  • Allow you to surf the net from your arm chair
  • Are stylish, quiet, compact and exceptionally easy to use
  • Put you in control with a powerful multi-function remote control
  • Are compatible with TV, DVD, VCR, PC and all gaming consoles
  • Deliver the amazing image quality and reliability synonymous with Epson

The EMP-TW100 has a recommended retail price of $11,999 and the EMP-TS10 a recommended retail price of $7399.

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