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The brilliance of Epson's EMP-TW100 home theatre projector shines through with EISA best video projector award for 2002-2003

November 2002

Epson wins EISA awards for best video projector with the home theatre projector.

Sydney,18th November 2002: The renowned quality and reliability of Epson's projector range has been recognised by the European Imaging and Sound Association, which has awarded the Epson EMP-TW100 the 2002/2003 best video projector award.

Epson Marketing Director Paull Betts said the EISA best projector award confirmed the EMP-TW100 as the flagship of Epson's home entertainment and home theatre projector fleet.

"Epson is the world's leading manufacturer of LCD projector panels with 65% of all three panels-LCD shutter type panels shipped in 2001 being Epson. The EISA award asserts that Epson also makes the best projectors in the world. The Epson EMP TW-100 has been engineered for the home theatre enthusiast, with clever design features and Epson's renowned quality. It stand's out as the highest quality choice for the home theatre enthusiast, and the EISA award confirms this." Mr Betts said.

Epson's EMP-TW100 projector delivers heart-stopping realistic action in a fully variable display up to 7.6 metres [760cm or 300-inches] across. And, with a contrast ratio of 600:1, clarity, contrast, colour and image definition are more than a match for the most ardent sports, drama or concert enthusiast - even in daylight conditions.

Crystal clear image quality and bright, accurate colour representation are two of the absolute essentials demanded by home theatre buffs. The EMP-TW100 projector delivers on both, with an innovative Colour Adjustment Menu that allows remote selection of five image colour modes, ensuring maximum image quality using optimised modes for DVD and movies, television, games and even one for the personal computer and surfing the net.

Powered by Epson's own advanced imaging technology, including the linked three-LCD panel system, the realism of the image has to be seen to be believed. The three 3.3cm Epson LCDs are engineered and synchronised to achieve high levels of image quality in brightness distribution (illumination ratio), colour saturation, colour accuracy and efficiency. They create varying shades of red, green and blue that blend to produce a projected image with brighter, richer, truer colours and sharp blacks.

Epson's EMP TW-100 projector is engineered for the home theatre. Epson's engineer's cleverly built the projector's fan output at the front so that in a typically home theatre environment, the TW-100 could be easily roof mounted without having to allow a large ventilation space at the rear of the unit. Similarly the fan noise was reduced significantly to one of the lowest levels in it's class, meaning there is no need for a sound box around the projector in a home theatre environment.

At 700 ANSI Lumens the TW-100 may seem "under powered" until you consider 1280 x 720 pixel LCD panel. The TW-100's additional pixel's mean more light per pixel than most XGA projectors. Keeping in mind that the projector is engineered from the ground up for a permanent home theatre installation, and taking into account the stated lamp life of 3000 hours, the TW-100 delivers the right features for the enthusiast at the right price.

The EMP-TW100 has a recommended retail price of $11,599 and is available from quality home theatre and Hi-Fi centers today.

Source : 2001 Techno System Research Co.,Ltd

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