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Epson Australia Consolidates Presence in Home and Business Scanner Market

February 2003

Sydney, Australia: 12 February 2003: Epson's 2002 range of PERFECTION™ Photo Scanners has arrived. There are four (4) scanners in the series designed to meet the needs of the entry-level user through to advanced home scanner and SOHO applications.

This new range is available immediately through the Epson volume products channel with retail prices from $249 - $549

Epson PERFECTION 1260 & 1260 Photo Scanners at $249 & $299 (ticket pricing).

The Epson PERFECTION 1260/1260 Photo Scanners continue to be aimed at the entry-level scanner market for those price conscious end users who are looking for quality products.

This product is replacing the current entry-level colour image scanner, the very successful Epson PERFECTION 1250 & 1250 Photo models released in 2001.

For an entry-level scanner, the Epson PERFECTION 1260&1260 Photo Scanners have powerful features taking home scanning to new levels. The technologies that were once only found in advanced scanners are now standard in these new and incredibly versatile models including:

  • Scanning Simplicity with the Epson Smart Panel making it an absolute snap to make the perfect scan for photos, OCR, email, web and even Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's).
  • Direct scanning to P.I.M. (PRINT Image Matching) results with photograph and film scans featuring colours more vivid than scans restricted to the traditional sRGB colour space.
  • Full Auto Mode with a single press of one of the scanner's four buttons, the scanner enters auto mode and delivers the optimum scan, every time.
  • A Creative Software Suite including the Epson unique and feature-rich Smart Panel complemented by ArcSoft's PhotoImpression 4 software for photo editing and creative design, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and for optical character recognition Presto! OCR software is incorporated in the Smart Panel.
  • Amazing Clarity - up to 1200dpi (2400dpi sub-scan) and an advanced film scanning - transparency unit for 35mm film negatives and slides with Perfection 1260 Photo (an option with the Perfection 1260).

Epson PERFECTION 1660 Photo Scanner at $449 (ticket pricing).

The Epson PERFECTION 1660 Photo Scanner targets the mid-level scanner market requiring high quality and high performance scanning.

This product is replacing the current mid-range Colour Image Scanner, the very successful Epson PERFECTION 1650 Photo Scanner released in 2001.

For the mid-range scanner user, the advantages of the Epson PERFECTION 1660 Photo Scanner are the speed, quality, performance, ease-of-use and affordability - whether scanning film, documents or photos. It has been designed with features, technologies and software to make it easy to use and deliver the best results including:
  • Advanced Film Scanning with the integrated Transparency Unit providing support for the simultaneous scanning of either a six-frame stripfilm or four slide frames in a single operation. For larger film scanning (up to 4 x 5-inch), there is an optional transparency unit (TPU) available as a straightforward plug-in.
  • Unique TWAIN 5 Driver enables scans made with the Epson Perfection 1660 Photo Scanner to benefit from reduced noise in shadow area and an automatic removal of colour cast.
  • High-Speed Operation with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface, on-board high-speed ASIC processor, high resolution at 1600dpi (3200 dpi sub-scan) and an energy saving intelligent auto power off mode.

Epson PERFECTION 2400 Photo Scanner at $549 (ticket pricing).

The Epson PERFECTION 2400 Photo Scanner is a new addition to the Epson scanner range and is aimed at the advanced scanner market delivering high speed and high resolution scanning for the demanding home and SOHO user. Features include:

High Speed and High Gradation - The Epson Perfection 2400 Photo Scanner has been designed for speed. Increased light volume of the TPU, a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface and high-speed ASIC hyper processor boosts scanning speeds for documents, images, film and photographs. Complementing the scanners high speed is its high gradation capabilities - 16-bits, giving every pixel amazing depth of colour.

High Resolution with the combination of a revolutionary new microlens and MatrixCCD technology providing for exceptionally clear 2400dpi scanning. The Epson Perfection 2400 Photo Scanner features a new microlens that achieves 30 per cent more sensitivity than non-lens type CCDs.

Processing Independence is assured with its own on-board Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) hyper processor, the Epson Perfection 2400 Photo processes images without relying on the vagaries of available computer processing power and RAM.

Total Software Solution with Adobe Photoshop Elements, OCR and Epson Smart Panel software.

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