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Epson strengthens branding strategies for DuraBrite and UltraChrome pigment inks

September 2004

Epson Australia is strengthening its branding and marketing strategies for home users of its DuraBrite and UltraChrome branded resin coated pigment inkjet inks following the success of the revolutionary UltraChrome Hi-Gloss six and seven colour ink sets in the photo enthusiast, prographics and professional photography markets.

Epson Australia Marketing Communications Director Mike Pleasants said first generation UltraChrome ink had achieved a very strong following with professional photographers and graphic artists.

"The release of six and seven colour UltraChrome ink sets, along with the additional Hi-Gloss optimiser for 8 channel printers, has really seen UltraChrome take off with professionals in photography and prographics," Mr Pleasants said.

"There has been extensive independent testing done on UltraChrome - print longevity and colour gamut in particular - that show just how good this ink is. For example, UltraChrome on selected Epson papers has been shown to have a print life up to 200 years.

"This is very attractive to professional photographers who are selling their works to galleries and sophisticated collectors who want some assurance that they will still be able to see the print in 20 or 30 years time.

"Other tests have shown that six colour UltraChrome Hi-Gloss ink sets on selected Epson papers can provide a wider colour gamut than even some traditional silver halide processes. So portrait and landscape photographers who are always chasing delicate skin tones or that wonderful dawn or dusk light know that UltraChrome will give these subtle tones to them in a print and not just on a screen.

Mr Pleasants said Epson began branding its new inks two years ago when it became clear that ink technology was becoming a major differentiator in the inkjet printing market, with the pigment inks extending its range beyond its dye based photo inks that had not been individually branded.

"Refinements in print heads, dot resolution, paper feed, and even cartridge technology were continuing, but it was clear to Epson that future gains in print quality would come from advances in media - paper and ink."

Epson launched two new pigment based ink brands in 2002 - DuraBrite and UltraChrome. Essentially variations on the same core technology, DuraBrite is configured to perform best on a range of papers including plain paper, while UltraChrome is aimed at the professional market and performs best on specialty media such as premium glossy, heavyweight matte and archive papers.

As both are pigment inks created using a new manufacturing technology perfected by Epson, they have the advantages of providing a higher chroma or colour brilliance, added print life, moisture fastness, smudge resistance and enhanced colour gamut.

Mike Pleasants said the past two successful years had shown that Epson's ink branding strategy was correct, and the company is now broadening its marketing approach as home users in particular begin to understand the critical importance of using the right ink to get the best results.

"As Epson has been saying for some time: inks ain't just inks. They are one of the most crucial elements in that harmonious integration of printer, ink and paper that contribute to making every print picture perfect."

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