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Colour Laser hits the SMB Sweet Spot with the Epson AcuLaser C900 and C1900

December 2002

Sydney December 4th 2002, Epson today unveiled two new giant killers in it's colour laser range, the Epson AcuLaser C900 and C1900 delivering Epson's world renowned colour expertise in a colour laser print from $1,990 (list ex tax).

By delivering a colour laser printer with 16ppm black and white performance for less than $2,000, Epson have entered an emerging market segment. Colour laser printers have historically cost between $3,500 and $5,000, out of the reach of many, particularly smaller, businesses. With the arrival of the Epson AcuLaser C900 and Epson AcuLaser C1900 the price of colour laser printing is finally affordable to the small business segment.

Epson's Business Manager, Laser and SIDM, Ben Vivoda said:

"The colour laser market has been promising to deliver for years, but only now have we reached the price points to win mass-market appeal in the SMB and workgroup space. With the price points we have achieved with the C900 and C1900, colour laser printing is finally affordable. We expect the colour laser market to boom. But what is really exciting is that Epson is bringing considerable expertise into the segment that is not only affordable but produces awesome print quality. In the past there has been a perception that colour laser was colour laser - it's all the same. This is just not true - colour imaging is complex, and getting this right is what Epson does best. We know colour and we've built unique technology and all of our colour experience into the C900 and C1900 AcuLaser printers. The C900 and C1900 are fantastic new products at an aggressive price point and are the result of Epson's experience at printing high quality colour images. We are proud to introduce them to the Australian market today."

One of the key benefits of AcuLaser technology is multi-screen printing. Many business documents contain a mixture of text and graphic elements. With conventional laser printing technology there is often a significant trade-off in quality - if the photos look good, then the charts, graphs and text inevitably suffer. AcuLaser multi-screen printing technology, on the other hand, ensures that there is no compromise - every item on the page can be printed at optimum quality because the Epson Esc/Page print language processes each section of the print job differently to optimise the quality of the output.

The Epson AcuLaser C900 and C1900 use Epson's new Micro Polymer toner that maximises output quality even at fast print speeds by using smaller toner particles for uniform toner coverage. It improves stability and quality, helps to minimise toner wastage and cuts costs by eliminating the need for a printer oil roll.

The Epson C900 comes standard with 80MB of RAM and is expandable to 144MB, while the C1900 comes standard with 96MB of RAM and is expandable to 1GB. Both printers have USB and bi-directional parallel interfaces while the C1900 has a 10/100 Ethernet connection. Both printers print colour and Black & White at 2400DPI class, using Epson's patented Resolution Improvement Technology (R.I.T.), and print B&W at 16PPM and colour at 4PPM. First print times for colour and B&W are 25 and 14 seconds respectively.

Standard paper storage is 200 sheets for both printers with an optional 500-sheet tray available. An optional duplexing unit is available for both printers. The C1900 also has an optional True Adobe Postscript driver and internal hard disk.

The C900 has a list price ex GST of $1,990, while the C1900 has a list price ex GST of $2,399.

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