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Epson's Multimedia Viewer/Player with ultra hi-res screen

May 2005


Auckland, 12th May 2005: Epson New Zealand has released the Epson P-2000 Multimedia Viewer/Player aimed at professional photographers and photo enthusiasts.

Incorporating portability and convenience in a sleek, user-friendly design the P-2000 is perfect for storing and viewing high-resolution images, watching movies, or listening to music.

Right at home in the hands of any photographer the P-2000 can download images from Compact Flash and SD memory cards in just seconds, allowing photographers to clear the card and just keep on shooting. Once on the disk, the user-friendly interface and large, ultra high resolution LCD screen allows the easy sorting of images. A 16x zoom and on screen rotation adds functionality. Perfect for work in the field or on holiday when a PC may not be accessible.

The P-2000 can in some instances replace hard copy information. It is perfect for showing business portfolios to clients or for parents to show photos of children. Images can be viewed as a slideshow with music.

The P-2000's screen is the standout feature of the device adding a new benchmark to small screen LCD technology. The super-high density Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) uses Epson's Photo Fine technology which is an active matrix display featuring a Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) base charged by a Thin Film Transistor (TFT).

This high-resolution display is 3.8 inches (640 x 480 pixels VGA), giving the P-2000 one of the largest viewing screens in its class. It shows three colours per pixel image, at a density of 212 pixels per inch, giving it twice the resolution of most of its competitors. The P-2000 also boasts the ability to display 262,144 colours allowing the viewing of even the smallest detail, from subtle tones to highlights and shadows. The picture quality is truly remarkable.

Its versatile hard disk will store up to 40GB of data and can be easily connected to a PC via high speed USB 2.0. Files can also be uploaded from the PC making the P-2000 the perfect travel companion.

The hard disk will store any file format while the device itself will playback Jpeg and RAW photos, MP3 and ACC music, and Mpeg4 and motion Jpeg video files. Sound can be heard through the built in speaker or alternatively through the 3.5 inch stereo jack and optional headphones.

For the professional photographer, while an image is showing on the screen, pushing the display button will bring up the 'EXIF' information of the image. This includes camera name, date, size in pixels, shutter speed, exposure, whether or not the flash was used, as well as many other details.

Epson is renowned for the Direct Print technology built into its products so the P-2000 would not be complete without being able to connect directly to any PC free enabled Epson printer via USB and with the push of a button, print the image on screen.

The P-2000 can also be attached directly to a television or projector using a third party S-Video cable, allowing you to play movies or view photos from the hard disk on a large screen.

The P-2000 has a single Lithium Ion battery which gives 2.5 hours of video playback, 5 hours of audio playback with headphones, and 3.4 hours of slide show playback on the default setting. On a fully charged battery up to thirteen 1GB memory cards can be downloaded, each card taking only around 90 seconds to download. A spare battery can be inserted in just seconds, if required.

The P-2000 also comes with a small portable AC adaptor, wrist strap, a desktop viewing stand and a functional carry case that can be attached to a belt.

The Epson P-2000 is priced at $999 RRP and is available through selected photography retailers. For full product specifications on the P-2000 and other Epson products please visit

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