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Epson releases the ultra high speed, highly durable DFX-9000 point of sale impact printer

July 2005

Sydney, 4 July 2005: Epson Australia has released the compact, robust and ultra fast Epson DFX-9000 Serial Impact Dot Matrix (SIDM) printer.

SIDM printers are a low maintenance, reliable and valuable business tool, utilised heavily in an enormous number of application environments. The unique features of SIDM printers such as speed, accuracy, versatility, low running costs and long life, position them as the viable printing alternative to laser or inkjet printers.

The Epson DFX-9000, a 9 pin SIDM printer, is capable of up to 1550 characters per second (at 10 characters per inch), producing ultra high speed without compromising on quality. The DFX-9000 currently has the fastest print speed in the world.

The flexible connectivity of this printer with parallel, serial and USB interfaces as well as an optional interface slot allows options when connecting to networks. Like all SIDM's this printer is robust and reliable, SIDM's are the printer of choice for harsh environments such as warehouses and building sites.

A simple yet effective and reliable tractor feed mechanism, long-life ribbon and use of fan-fold continuous form paper mean SIDM printers long life capabilities remain unmatched by other printing technologies making SIDM printers ideal for overnight/unattended print runs of reports, extended batch processing and printing of invoices and extended form letter print runs.

SIDM printers remain the only printers that can provide duplicate printing capabilities. Using readily available, self-carbon duplicate forms, the impact nature of SIDM printers makes them ideal for retail receipt printing (original for customer plus copy for filing), invoices (original for customer plus copy/ies for filing), financial reporting and letters (original for customer plus copy/ies for filing).

Aside from paper, Epson SIDM printers have a single long-life ribbon as their only consumable; this results in running costs that are far lower than could be achieved with any other type of printer currently available.

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