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Epson Announces the new revolutionary AcuLaser C/2600N

September 2005

Epson's revolutionary AcuLaser C/2600N changes the way businesses think about lasers

Sydney, 1 September 2005: Epson Australia has released the revolutionary Epson AcuLaser C/2600N laser printer that breaks the rules for business printing, changing forever the way managers look at colour laser printers.

The AcuLaser 2600N can be used as a single toner monochrome printer, high volume monochrome printer using four black toner cartridges, and can be easily upgraded to a colour printer by simply adding colour toner cartridges, future proofing the office against changing demand.

With one black cartridge the AcuLaser 2600N easily handles low volume monochrome printing, by adding a further three black cartridges the AcuLaser 2600N becomes a high volume printer capable of printing long run, high volume monochrome jobs without the need to constantly change cartridges.

No software change is needed to upgrade the AcuLaser 2600N to a colour printer: simply install the three colour toner cartridges - cyan, magenta and yellow - along side the black toner and the AcuLaser 2600N immediately prints in full colour.

The AcuLaser 2600N is equipped with Epson Colour Restoration Improvement Technology (RITech) and Epson AcuLaser Fine Dot Control Technology for precision dot placement and to eliminate jagged edges, creating accurate lines and tones when printing charts, graphs and CAD drawings.

Using Epson AcuBrite Toner, the AcuLaser 2600N produces uniform toner coverage through a formulation that includes specially developed external additives and wax. AcuBrite Toner improves colour stability for reliable and accurate prints.

The AcuLaser 2600N can print a variety of jobs depending on business needs. It features high speed monochrome printing at up to 30ppm (pages per minute) and a first page out time (FPOT) of 9.3 seconds. In colour configuration users can print at up to 7.5ppm with a FPOT of 15.3 seconds, well-suited to high demand colour printing environments.

Incorporating a new user friendly backlit wide panel LCD screen, which displays both text and images, the AcuLaser 2600N is a user friendly printer perfect for workgroups and business environments. The LCD screen displays toner level, as well as step-by-step instructions with images for complete control and ease of use.

For connectivity and networkability the AcuLaser 2600N features USB2.0 and integrated 10/100 Base TX Ethernet interfaces.

Configured as a monochrome printer with one black toner cartridge the Epson AcuLaser 2600N is $1,359 RRP and configured as a colour printer with one black and three colour cartridges the AcuLaser C2600N is $1,659 RRP (including colour cartridges) and is available through Epson resellers.

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