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Epson EMP-6100: advanced high use multimedia projector for hostile environments

August 2006

Sydney 3 August 2006: Epson has released a reliable, stable and robust multimedia projector, the EMP-6100, designed for low maintenance and peace of mind for high use and high traffic environments in the education, hospitality and professional sectors.

EMP-6100Epson has made the EMP-6100 dust and smoke resistant to minimise maintenance when used in convention centres, clubs, lecture theatres and other high traffic areas. The projection unit itself is completely sealed, with only filtered air reaching the unit for cooling, reducing potential problems from air borne pollutants.

With long hours of unattended use in mind, Epson has provided the EMP-6100 with a cleverly designed and distinctively large electrostatic filter with an increased surface area up to 19 times greater than that of current sponge type filters. This filter is highly effective in preventing dust from entering the projector while allowing it to take in enough air to effectively cool the unit.

To further increase reliability and reduce maintenance and operating costs, the fan is stopped and the projector becomes silent when it is in network stand-by mode. As a result dust is not continually drawn in to the filter and power consumption is reduced.

To ensure trouble free operation at all times the EMP-6100's unique air filter replacement alert prevents sudden shutdown due to a rise in temperature that is common in other projectors. As a further measure of its robust and trouble free operation the EMP-6100 operates faultlessly in temperatures ranging from 0-40 degrees Centigrade.

When the filter becomes clogged and airflow is reduced, a wind velocity sensor alerts users via an on screen display to clean or change the filter before the temperature exceeds the operating range and shutdown occurs. The air-filter can be replaced easily with one hand by simply accessing it from the drawer in the front of the projector.

The lamp can also be replaced easily by simply removing the hatch on the top of the projector without the need for tools. Ceiling-mounted projector lamps can be changed without having to remove them from their mount.

Projecting at 3500 ANSI lumens in high brightness mode, the EMP-6100 is ideal for bright rooms or for lecture halls and convention centres with high ambient light levels. Brightness can be adjusted down to 2700 ANSI lumens to suit environments with lower light levels.

Epson's 3LCD technology in the EMP-6100 - and all Epson projectors - produces brighter and more natural images. With a smoother and sharper playback, there is no colour break-up in the image so viewing is easier on the eye.

The EMP-6100's six preset viewing profiles allow users to select the mode that best suits the viewing environment: PC Source - Dynamic, Presentation, Theatre, Living Room, sRGB, and Blackboard; Video Source - Sports, Presentation, Theatre, Living Room, sRGB, and Blackboard.

The EMP-6100 has a 1.6x zoom lens so the image size can be adjusted to fit a variety of screen positions and screen sizes, and +/- 30 degree keystone correction to compensate for those awkward angles.

The Direct Power-On function allows EMP-6100 to be linked to room lighting so the projector is activated at the same time as the room's power source is switched on. And immediate power off means the projector instantly shuts downwhen the room lights are switched off.

The EMP-6100 has a powerful built-in 5W speaker, so no amplifier is needed in medium sized lecture theatres or boardrooms.

With network capability and four input interfaces - 2 x D-Sub and audio for computer links, S-Video and composite video for television and DVD - the EMP-6100 allows dynamic switching between presenters with the push of a button without the need to physically switch input sources.

Embedded within the EMP-6100's firmware is a set of security functions as a deterrent against would be thieves. For added security an optional matching cable cover keeps the connection panel looking neat and tidy, and it can be fixed to the main body with a lock to prevent any tampering with the cables.

The Epson EMP-6100 is $4999 RRP including GST and is available through Epson projector dealers.

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To obtain a unit for media review, please contact Janina Nowowiejska at CommunEcom Strategic Communications on 02 9949 9788 or 0415 244 615 or via email at

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