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Professional, high quality disc publishing has a new name: Epson Discproducer

July 2009

Professional, high quality disc publishing has a new name: Epson Discproducer

Epson has combined its market leading expertise in advanced inkjet printing, precision imaging and robotics in the Epson Discproducer ideal for businesses that need high quality, accurate and fast CD and DVD duplication on demand.

Suitable for any business that needs to produce professional quality customised CD and DVD copies, Discproducer is a rugged and compact integrated desktop disc duplication solution.

It can create from one to 100 copies of discs in a single batch with individualised content and labels making it an ideal and flexible solution for automatic disc publishing where accuracy and high quality customised labelling are required.

“Education, graphic arts, photographic, health, government, finance and any other business that needs to produce custom promotional, educational, training, software or archival materials on CD or DVD will find Discproducer is the best solution available,” said Epson’s Business Solutions Manager, Craig Heckenberg.

“Discproducer is backed by Epson’s global reputation for reliable and dependable products, and locally supported by Epson’s Business Systems team, so customers know they are getting the best disc duplication system and support available,” Mr Heckenberg said.

Epson’s renowned technology and experience deals with two problems once common with desktop disc duplication.

With Epson’s patented AcuGrip™ robotic technology, Discproducer’s robotic arm greatly minimises the double-disc feeding problem and lifts and moves discs smoothly from station to station to prevent damage from sliding media.

Discproducer also includes a six colour inkjet printer that delivers industry-leading disc print quality and is more economical than other desktop disk publishers.

Developed with the same patented MicroPiezo inkjet technology featured in Epson’s world leading photo printers, the six individual colour large capacity ink cartridges can print more than 1,000 discs, making it easier to operate than other disc publishers in its class.

And each cartridge - Cyan, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Magenta, Yellow, and Black - includes a low-ink sensor and LED to ensure that operators have adequate ink to complete a full run. As the cartridges are independent only single cartridges need to be replaced, making Discproducer more economical than other desktop disc duplicators.

Discproducer will complete up to 30 CDs or up to 15 DVDs an hour labelled in full colour in best quality mode making it a fast and efficient disc publishing system across a wide range of applications.

The Epson Discproducer has a high speed USB2.0 interface, and bundled software includes Total Disc Maker to initiate and manage jobs, and Total Disc Monitor which provides a continuous display of job status and active devices.

Discproducer is available for $4,499 RRP. Contact Epson Australia for authorised dealers and distributors

The operation of Discproducer is explained in more detail in a series of videos. Please see:

Production speeds are based on data volume of 600MB for CD with a maximum drive writing speed of 40x and 3.8GB for DVD with a maximum drive writing speed of 12x.

Cartridge yields vary considerably based on images printed, print settings, media type, frequency of use, and ambient temperature.

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