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Epson’s powerful G Series venue projectors up to 5200 Lumens and

November 2010

Epson’s powerful G Series venue projectors up to 5200 Lumens and WUXGA resolution

Sydney, 24 November 2010: Epson, the world leader in business and entertainment projectors, has expanded and enhanced its G Series of powerful large venue multimedia projectors for the education, hospitality and corporate sectors, with Light and Colour Light Output now up to 5,200 lumens and resolution ranging from XGA through to full High Definition WUXGA.

Epson’s Business Manager, Visual Imaging, Bruce Bealby, said the latest projectors in the G Series range confirms Epson’s reputation for the quality of its high performance projectors for high end installation environments, with advanced features and multi-level security.

“These G-Series projectors are at home in large venue corporate and education environments with a remarkable array of user-friendly business efficiency-enhancing features such as multi PC projection, network monitoring, maintenance scheduling and email alerts via LAN, and new specialised features such as the DICOM Simulation Mode which uses standardised greyscale to reproduce medical and scientific images such as x-rays for medical training and education,” Mr Bealby said.

“Their impressive installation flexibility and choice of brightness ranging from 4,000 to 5,200 lumens Light and Colour Light Output, and resolution from XGA through to WUXGA, allow these projectors to meet the most exacting high performance projection requirements in large rooms and halls.

“The Epson G Series projectors are designed to deliver reliable long term operation and a low total cost of ownership with minimal maintenance in high use and high traffic environments in the larger venues typically used by the education, hospitality and corporate sectors.”

Key features include:

Versatile Lens Options and Lens Shift – Standard, Rear, Mid and Long throw lens options and broad lens shift range ensures flexibility and easy installation

C2Fine Inorganic Panel Technology – Building on the outstanding image quality success of Epson’s home cinema projectors, Epson’s C2Fine LCD panels have advanced vertical alignment technology, and produce high contrast for deeper blacks and vivid images

Multi-PC Projection – Allows up to four computers to simultaneously project via the network with a four way split screen, with an additional 12 PCs connected in standby. To add or remove a PC from the split display simply drag and drop the icon on the control screen. With Multi PC projection, workgroup tele-meetings with remote members can now deliver complex active collaboration results

Crestron RoomView Compatibility – Improves ROI for users who have already invested in Crestron RoomView to control and manage Epson and other projectors over a network

DICOM Simulation Mode – Specialised imaging uses standardised greyscale to reproduce medical and scientific images such as x-rays for medical training and education

Monitor and Control – Network monitoring, maintenance scheduling, updating firmware, control functions such as on/off, change sources, and email alerts via LAN

Broad Connectivity – HDMI, VGA x2, Audio in x2, Hardwire remote, 5 BNC, Monitor out, RS-232 and optional wireless (model dependant)

Optional purpose-built mount - Designed and manufactured by Epson, the new ELP-MB22 is made to Epson’s high quality standards. Also available is a choice of two suspension adaptors for installations with high ceilings. Providing up to 1,168mm drop, these adaptors provide full installation versatility.

All Epson G Series projectors are designed to interface and integrate more easily with sophisticated programming and controller applications, both IP and RS-232, and come with the components required to work seamlessly with modules and drivers for industry-leading systems that can include touch-panel screens and multiple content devices.

And the Epson G Series projectors have easy maintenance features such as one-touch filter removal and easy side lamp access, providing reliable and flexible operation and a low cost of ownership.

Security features include Kensington®-style lock provision, anchor (metal) bar for security lock or cable, and anti-theft measures for the lens.

In line with Epson’s long term policy of reducing the environmental impact of its products, the G Series projectors have a higher light efficiency and lower power consumption using Epson’s patented E-TORL lamps, lead-free projection lenses, are packaged in recycled paper without using Styrofoam, and the projector case is paint-free for easy recycling.

The new Epson G Series projectors are available now through Epson dealers at the following RRP including GST:

Epson EB-G5450WU (Includes STD Lens) WUXGA 4000 Lumens Avail Jan 2011
Epson EB-G5600NL XGA 4500 Lumens $2,299*
Epson EB-G5650WNL WXGA 4500 Lumens $3,199*
Epson EB-G5750WUNL WUXGA 4500 Lumens Avail Jan 2011
Epson EB-G5800 (Includes STD Lens) XGA 5200 Lumens $4,199
Epson EB-G5950NL XGA 5200 Lumens $3,199*

*Does not include optional lens. Requires one of the following lenses: rear projection wide, standard zoom, mid throw zoom, long throw zoom; each sold separately

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