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New Epson TM-H6000IV has just arrived

July 2011

New energy saving Epson multifunction POS printer delivers industry’s fastest cheque processing and receipt printing

Sydney, 27 July 2011: Epson’s latest high-performance multifunction POS printer, the TM-H6000IV, has accuracy, time and energy saving features that provide cost savings to financial institutions and retailers, from fastest in class receipt and slip printing and the industry’s fastest cheque processing and endorsement, to best-in-class reliability.

The TM-H6000IV's highly accurate MICR reader achieves a recognition rate of more than 99.9%, using a new algorithm derived from Epson's long-established experience with POS printers, reducing potential losses from false recognition of cheque data.

With receipt printing speeds up to 300mm/second, the TM-H6000IV is the fastest in its class - 50% faster than Epson’s previous model the TM-H6000III.

And the TM-H6000IV is the most reliable in its class with an MCBF of 96 million lines for receipts, with all printer components designed to last the lifetime of the printer.

The TM-H6000IV provides one of the lowest power consuming products in its class, and stand-by power use cut in half to generate further cost savings.

With advanced print options such as removing the top margin and blank spaces of receipts, and adjusting the barcode height without any change to the application programs, the TM-H6000IV can reduce paper usage for receipts by around 25%.

Network administrators can monitor the status and usage of each TM-H6000IV, and change the settings via the network. If a TM-H6000IV printer should need to be taken off-line, the logo data and the previous settings can be automatically restored by simply replacing the printer1.

The TM-H6000IV supports a range of drivers for system configuration in various open environments including Windows®, OPOS™, JavaPOS™, OPOS for .NET™, allowing simple and direct replacement of many current printers with a TM-H6000IV.

The TM-H6000IV is available from Epson POS Distributors, System Integrators and System Terminal Partners.


1 Requires TM-H6000IV utility.

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