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Epson’s new M-T500II Series embedded thermal printer for ATMs, kiosks and gaming machines

February 2012

Sydney 16 February 2012: Epson Australia today released the new M-T500II Series embedded thermal printer mechanism and associated BA-T500II Series control board, designed for internal use with various kiosks such as ATMs, gaming machines and ticket vending machines.

The M-T500II Series succeeds the highly successful M-T500 Series with its reputation for reliability and ease of installation.

The M-T500II delivers 67% faster print speeds up to 250 mm/sec (9.84 inches/sec) for both text and graphics, with an improved design and paper path to minimise the risk of paper jams, and can handle a wide range of graphics and bar codes quickly and accurately. It maintains the M-T500’s reputation for reliability with a mechanism life of 15 million lines and 37 million lines MCBF.

In addition to its improved design to minimise paper jams, a new paper jam sensor prevents paper from winding around the paper feed rollers before it occurs if used with BA-T500II Series control board.

The M-T500II Series has the same external dimensions as M-T500 so it is easy to replace in existing devices, and the BA-T500II Series control board is half the size of its predecessor, the BA-T500 Series, allowing it to operate inside a more compact device.

The BA-T500II Series commands are upward compatible so replacement of the BA-T500 Series can be done without changing the current application program, while new functions such as acquisition of the paper jam sensor’s status and auto print stop on error detect are readily accessible.

The circuit and firmware is designed to deliver optimum performance of the printer mechanism, and an optional Ethernet interface is available for flexible connectivity.

The guaranteed operating temperature range has increased from -20°C to 60°C to allow greater versatility of applications and locations.

Optional components include the DC-T500 connector cable, PS-180 power supply and NE-T500II paper near end sensor unit.

The product will be sold through Epson POS Distributors, System Integrators and System Terminal Partners in Australia and New Zealand.

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