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Epson’s long history of environmental initiatives continue with ANZRP

April 2012

Sydney, 24 April 2012: Epson has affirmed its commitment to and long history of involvement with recycling initiatives by being the first major IT vendor to return its signed agreement with the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform Limited (ANZRP).

“Epson is pleased to be the first major vendor to complete and return its formal membership agreement, signifying our ongoing dedication to the goals and strategies of ANZRP,” said Garry Pearce, Epson’s Environmental Manager.

“Epson has been at the forefront of a range of initiatives aimed at ensuring the IT industry maintains a high level of environmental responsibility, and is strongly committed to a whole-of-business approach to environmental initiatives and has been for many years. Epson was a founding member of the AIIA Environmental Special Interest Group for more than 10 years and continued that involvement and financial support as that SIG transformed itself into ANZRP,” Garry said.

“As one of the first to sign with ANZRP, Epson has shown true leadership and commitment to its environmental vision by being a long term supporter of sound product stewardship in the design, reuse and recycling of products. ANZRP is proud to be associated with companies that actively deliver on environmental outcomes and drive for change for the better,” said Carmel Dollisson, General Manager ANZRP.

“Key initiatives of Epson’s Environmental Vision 2050 include a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions across the product life cycle, and creating end-user products that have a longer service life and are ultimately returned to Epson,” said Garry.

“Those aims coincide with ANZRP’s vision of a community which collects, processes and safely recycles electronic waste for responsible environmental outcomes,” Garry said.

Epson was involved in the first RecycleIT! program (a pilot recycling hardware program run in western Sydney between November 2002 and March 2003) run by AIIA in conjunction with Resource NSW.

Epson is a founding partner of Byteback, a pilot end-of-life take back scheme for IT equipment in Victoria, a founding partner of Cartridges 4 Planet Ark, a national program for recycling laser and inkjet cartridges, and a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Epson is the only IT vendor to run its own recycling programs for Pro Graphics ink cartridges and projector lamps, and has won Green Globe Awards for its energy efficient projects.

ANZRP evolved from the joint work of the AIIA Environmental Special Interest Group (ESIG) members being 13 major IT brands and the PSA (Product Stewardship Association formed by CESA) representing the major TV brands. This group played a significant role in the formation of the Product Stewardship Act and Regulations and in the development of the Interim Industry Standard. ANZRP's establishment has been funded by the AIIA ESIG members and has their full support.

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