Epson M-T53II

Epson M-T53II

Thermal Mini Printers

The silent operation of thermal printing in a small package.

Easy-To-Read Printing
Compared to other thermal printers using the same font, text printed with the M-T51II/ T53II is larger - andreceipts easier for customers to read.

Effective Use of Existing Resources
With the installation position the same as Epson’s best selling printer mechanism, the M–190 series*, there's little need for extensive changes to the terminal casing design. Sharing of some fonts with the M-190 series is possible (ask your local Epson sales company for details).

*Mounting Attachment (factory option) is needed

Improved Lineup
Users have the benefit of a wide range of paper paths, all designed with usability in mind. The drop in mechanism is more convenient than ever before.