Epson M-U110

Epson M-U110

Impact Mini Printers

High-performance printer for ECR and CAT Applications

Fast printing
Bi-directional and logic-seeking controls are capable of delivering high-speed output of 5.6 lines per second (lps) for 30 columns (58mm) or 4.4 lps for 42 columns (76mm).

Boasts superb reliability: MCBF: 9 million lines.

Installed Black Mark Detector
The M-U110II has Black Mark detector as standard with variable resistance to perform best Black Mark detection.

Selection of Paper Stocks That Can Be Used
The M-U110 series supports various type of paper stock. M-U110II can handle two paper widths: 58 mm and 76mm. M-U112 is for 58 mm width paper only but has a smaller footprint. M-U111SII is for the very popular sprocket type paper.

Multiple Copy Capability
The M-U110II has the capability to provide one original with one precise copy.