Epson LabelWorks Tapes

LabelWorks Tapes

LabelWorks printers offer a wide variety of label tapes for a range of applications to get organized, be creative, and be productive at home or in the office.

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LabelWorks label printers feature compatibility with dozens of tape cartridges in several colors, finishes and sizes.

Whether you are looking to get creative with iron-on tapes or ribbon tapes, get organized with cable wrap tapes, or have some fun with metallic tapes, LabelWorks printers have got you covered.

Tapes by Finish

Epson Clear LabelWorks Tapes

Clear Tapes

Clear finishes are great for traditional labeling tasks where simple is better. Available with text colors in Black, White or Gold.

Epson Fluorescent LabelWorks Tapes

Fluorescent Tapes

Want your labels to stand out? With Orange & Yellow finishes available with Black text, fluorescent tapes are excellent for safety applications.

Epson Standard LabelWorks Tapes

Standard Tapes

For most basic labeling tasks, standard tapes are the best option. With tape colors in Black, White, Silver, Gold, polka-dot & plaid, basic doesn't have to be boring!

Epson Glow in the Dark LabelWorks Tapes

Glow in the Dark Tapes

Make labels that glow literally! LabelWorks glow-in-the-dark tapes appear White in the light, and Soft Green in the dark.

Epson Metallic LabelWorks Tapes

Metallic Tapes

Looking for labels with a bit of flair? With Gold & Silver finishes and Black text, Metallic tapes give your labels a classy touch.

Epson Pearlized LabelWorks Tapes

Pearlized Tapes

Bring a little sparkle to your creative projects with pearlized tapes. Available in Pastel Pink, Green or Blue colors.

Epson Reflective LabelWorks Tapes

Reflective Tapes

Perfect for safety applications, reflective tapes stand out in both Yellow & Silver colors.

Tapes by Product

Epson LW-300 Label Printer

LW-300 Label Printer

The LabelWorks LW-300 is compatible with all 12mm-wide tape cartridges.

View LW-300 Tapes
Epson LW-400 Label Printer

LW-400 Label Printer

The LabelWorks LW-400 label printer is compatible with all 12mm & 18mm-wide tape cartridges.

View LW-400 Tapes
Epson LW-600P Label Printer

LW-600P Label Printer

The LabelWorks LW-600P label printer is compatible with all 12mm, 18mm & 24mm-wide tape cartridges.

View LW-600P Tapes

Tapes by Application or Use

Epson Craft & Hobby Label Tapes

Craft & Hobby Label Tapes

Get creative with craft & hobby label tapes, including fun patterns like polka-dot and unique finishes like ribbon and iron-on.

Epson Cables & Wiring Label Tapes

Cables & Wiring Label Tapes

Tired of dealing with a mess of cables? Use these cable & wiring label tapes to cleanly organize your computer, A/V cables and more.

Epson Safety Label Tapes

Safety Label Tapes

Including fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark, and more labels perfectly-suited for industrial and safety applications.

QR Code & Barcode Label Tapes

QR Code & Barcode Label Tapes

Whether for asset tracking, greeting cards or more, use your compatible LabelWorks printers to generate QR codes & barcodes easily.

Epson Tab Label Tapes

Tab Label Tapes

Tab label tapes are pre-scored labels for precise folding. Perfect to help get your files organized in your home or office.

Tapes for Outdoor Application

Tapes for Outdoor Application

For durable, reflective or fluorescent finishes, LabelWorks has a number of label tapes available for a variety of outdoor applications.