Epson Interactive Unit ELP-IU01

Epson Interactive Unit  ELP-IU01

Projector Accessories

Affordable Interactivity for Education and Corporate Environments

Epson is pleased to introduce the Epson ELP-IU01 Interactive Unit. This unique product enables users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive Education or Business creativity tool.

  • Turn any hard flat surface into an interactive environment – Compatible with virtually any projector*. Upgrade existing technology infrastructure into the latest in interactivity!
  • Large interactive image area – Up to 102” (4:3 aspect ratio), Up to 96” (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Simple installation with USB connectivity – Power is supplied via USB making installation a breeze
  • Two interactive pens included – Keep one as a spare, or share between multiple users
  • Light weight – At only 2.3kg, the ELP-IU01 can be installed on almost any type of wall
  • Windows and Mac Compatible

* Suitable for use with standard throw projectors only

Stylish and modern in design, the ELP-IU01 is designed to accompany existing technology infrastructure, creating a fully interactive teaching / work environment. The ELP-IU01 is the ideal solution for schools and businesses seeking to enter the world of interactivity on a budget, or for those looking to trial interactivity before deciding on a broad interactive infrastructure investment.


Interactivity for Everyone!
In the past, you needed an interactive whiteboard to create an interactive environment in a meeting room or class room. Now you can make almost any wall interactive, using almost any projector and the ELP-IU01.

With the ELP-IU01, users can experience interactivity along with it’s inherent intuitive benefits, on almost any hard flat surface – without the added expense of an interactive whiteboard. The interactive-pen and module combination enables users to integrate interactive functionality into current infrastructure. Users can utilise an existing pen-based whiteboard or even a flat wall for full colour presentations, interactive brainstorming sessions, annotation on-the-fly and much more.

With the easy to use “Easy Interactive Tools” software (via download from you can turn your wall or ordinary whiteboard into a fully interactive business or teaching tool. At the end of your meeting or class, simply save the file for printing or emailing as required. And because this technology is open platform, you can operate almost any software that you currently use – interactively!

Large Interactive Area
The ELP-IU01 can create an interactive area to match the size of your projected image from as small as 60” diagonal image (WXGA 16:10), to a full 96” diagonal image (WXGA 16:10). If your projector is XGA 4:3 aspect ratio, you can use the ELP-IU01 to create an interactive area from 63” diagonal to a full 102” diagonal image area.

Simple Installation
All the mounting hardware you need is included! THE ELP-IU01 comes with a choice of short or standard mounting plates ensuring a secure attachment on any wall type. The ELP-IU01 even includes a 5m USB cable to connect to your computer. The USB cable enables the interactivity, and also provides all necessary power meaning there is no need to hire an electrician to run mains power.