Epson AcuLaser C1900

2400dpi class

Epson strive to be the leader in laser printer technology

A resolution of 2400dpi class and superb image quality have been achieved due to the inclusion of Epson technology:

Fine Dot Technology Fine Dot Technology

Fine Dot Technology
Laser printers work by overlaying screens composed of ink dots of the four basic colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Fine Dot Control Technology controls the size of each drop to one of sixteen horizontal steps (thus, there are 16 different dot sizes).

The fine control of ink drop sizes in the AL-C1900 results in higher resolution, sharper text and smoother gradations. Now your business documents can take advantage of the marketing power of colour and have a truly professional look.

Colour RITech

Colour RITech
The AcuLaser C1900 delivers on the promise of crisp and clear text by incorporating Resolution Improvement Technology (RIT) and Colour RIT. Both these technologies encompass Fine Dot Control, which has the ability to control the size of each dot to one of 16 horizontal steps for exceptional printing quality. As a result, the AcuLaser C1900's 600dpi capability is boosted to an effective 2400dpi thereby enhancing the clarity of text as well as line graphics used in charts, graphs and schematics.

Resolution Improvement Technology

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