Epson AcuLaser C1900

Epson AcuLaser MicroPolymer Toner

MicroPolymer Toner

A polymer-based toner formulation to maximise uniform toner coverage by using smaller toner particles. Unlike conventional toner particles, AcuLaser MicroPolymer Toner particles have a uniform spherical shape, which ensure vivid colour reproduction, sharp and delicate imaging, faithful rendering of fine lines, and high adhesion and stability.

Epson's Micropolymer toner has a wax interior, which fuses the toner to the paper upon the addition of thermal energy. Micropolymer toner is capable of fusing at much lower temperatures than other toners, rendering it more energy efficient and dramatically reducing the printer's warm up time.

Micropolymer toner is made of smaller, more uniform grains than previous toners. A wider range of colours are produced with less graininess, giving you higher quality prints. Micropolymer toner improves stability and quality while minimising toner wastage and cutting costs.

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