Epson EMP-TW500

The Widescreen Experience


Experience true widescreen viewing and superb image quality with the Epson EMP-TW500.

Featuring a newly developed 720P high-resolution liquid-crystal panel with enhanced colour reproduction, A full two metre projected image with as little as a two metre throw distance and a true 16:9 aspect ratio ensures every widescreen television show, DVD and video game can be viewed exactly as they were intended.

Where big screen televisions and plasma monitors take up a considerable amount of space and are permanently fixed in terms of location and image size, the EMP-TW500, which measures only 402mm x 294mm x 122mm can sit on even a small sidetable. But from that sidetable it can deliver an incredible result. At only two metres from the projection surface, it can project a full two metre wide screen.

If you thought plasma screen televisions had big screens, then wait until you experience the EMP-TW500's grand view.

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