Epson Stylus Office T30

Intelligent Ink Cartridge System

Intelligent Ink Cartridge System

Each of the Stylus Office T30’s five separate ink cartridges contain sophisticated circuitry, which tracks and maintains an accurate record of how much ink has been used and the amount of ink remaining. So, even if you remove a cartridge then reinstall it, the Stylus Office T30’s printer driver knows immediately how much ink is still in the cartridge.

Now, instead of running out of ink halfway through a print, the printer driver automatically checks on the amount of ink in each cartridge then displays an early warning if the ink level in any of the cartridges is approaching empty. It’s the best possible system for using full cartridges for large print jobs, whilst making the most out of partly used cartridges for other smaller jobs. Maximum ink usage, maximum benefits.

High–capacity black ink cartridges: Helping you achieve even greater productivity with your Stylus Office T30 is the ability to utilise high capacity black ink cartridges.

Dual black ink cartridges: Designed specifically to improve your print productivity, the Stylus Office T30 features a dual black ink cartridge capability.

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