Epson Stylus TX200

High quality scanning

High quality scanning

Regardless of whether you’re scanning photos or documents, the scanning capabilities of the Stylus TX200 have more than enough of what it takes to deliver brilliant results. Core to this is an advanced micro-step drive that gives the Stylus TX200 the ability to scan at resolutions of up 2400dpi.

Add to that a pixel depth of 48-bit (input) and 24-bit (output), and it’s fairly easy to see why this all in-in-one solution’s scanning accuracy levels are outstanding. And for scanning results that go beyond what you might expect, the Stylus TX200 incorporates:

Auto skew adjustment: Forget about having to deal with documents and photos that have slipped or been incorrectly positioned on the glass, resulting in a skewed scan. Using sophisticated software that automatically detects if a scan has been skewed, the Stylus TX200’s Epson Scan adjusts the scanned image for an accurate and straight print.

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