Epson Stylus CX5700F

4 Individual Intellidge Colour Ink Cartridges

True BorderFree Printing

Greater economy with four individual colour ink cartridges

With individual Epson Intellidge™ ink cartridges, the Epson Stylus CX5700F is ideal for users looking for a high quality multi-function printer with exceptionally high levels of ink utilisation. Each Intellidge™ ink cartridge contains sophisticated circuitry that maintains an accurate record of how much ink has been used and the amount remaining. Instead of running out of ink half-way through a print, the Epson Stylus CX5700F printer driver checks on the amount of ink in each cartridge then displays a warning if one or more cartridges are running low.

Since each Intellidge™ ink cartridge tracks it's own ink levels and maintains that information even when unplugged from the unit, it's the best possible system for using full cartridges for continuous large print jobs whilst partly used cartridges can be used for other smaller jobs - maximum ink usage, maximum benefits.

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